EOS Workshop

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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The second EOS workshop is in preparation to bring together the EOS community.

A two-day event at CERN is organized to provide a platform for  exchange between developers, users and sites running EOS.


The EOS development and operation teams will present the current state of the art, best practices and the future road map.

In particular we will report on the progress of the scale-out namespace architecture and the new FUSE implementation.

We warmly invite sites to present their current deployment, operational experiences, possible future deployment plans and input for improvements.

We encourage experiment representatives to present their future storage requirements.

Hands-on sessions are foreseen to enable exchange of information between operation teams at different sites and the development teams.

The first day will finish with a social dinner (at your expenses).


The workshop participation will be without fee.

If you are interested in joining the EOS community - this is the perfect occasion!

Please register yourself to the workshop here. Don't forget to submit an abstract if you want to share your experience/ideas within the EOS community.

We hope to see many of you in February 2018!

Your CERN EOS team.

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  • Alberto Pace
  • Aleksei Golunov
  • Andrea Manzi
  • Andreas Joachim Peters
  • Andrey Baginyan
  • Andrey Kirianov
  • Andrey Zarochentsev
  • Armin Burger
  • Belinda Chan
  • Bo Jayatilaka
  • Branko Blagojevic
  • Brett Clifford
  • Costin Grigoras
  • Cristian Contescu
  • Crystal Chua
  • Dan van der Ster
  • Daniel Szkola
  • Daniel Valbuena Sosa
  • David Jericho
  • Denis PUGNERE
  • Diana Scannicchio
  • Elvin Sindrilaru
  • Enrico Bocchi
  • FaHui Lin
  • Franck Eyraud
  • Franco Brasolin
  • Georgios Alexandropoulos
  • Georgios Bitzes
  • Giuseppe Lo Presti
  • Gyan Shrestha
  • Haibo li
  • Herve Rousseau
  • Hugo Gonzalez Labrador
  • Igor Doko
  • Ingrid Kulkova
  • Ivan Arizanovic
  • Ivan Kashunin
  • Jakub Moscicki
  • Jan Iven
  • Jean-Michel Barbet
  • Jesus LOPEZ
  • Joel Closier
  • Jozsef Makai
  • Julien Collet
  • Latchezar Betev
  • Lubos Kopecky
  • Luca Mascetti
  • Maria Arsuaga Rios
  • Martin Vala
  • Mason Proffitt
  • Massimo Lamanna
  • Michael D'Silva
  • Michael Davis
  • Michal Strnad
  • Michal Zimniewicz
  • Miguel Martinez Pedreira
  • Mihai Ciubancan
  • Mihai Patrascoiu
  • Miloslav Straka
  • Miroslav Bauer
  • Monika Grothe
  • Nuri Twebti
  • Oliver Keeble
  • Paul Musset
  • Pete Eby
  • Pierre Vande Vyvre
  • Piotr Mrowczynski
  • Qi Mengyao
  • Radu Popescu
  • Remy Pelletier
  • Roberto Valverde Cameselle
  • Simone Campana
  • Tim Hallyburton
  • Ulrich Fuchs
  • Valery Mitsyn
  • Veselin Vasilev
  • Volodymyr Yurchenko
  • Xavier Espinal
  • Yaodong Cheng
  • Yuri Butenko
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