27-31 August 2018
TU Dresden
Europe/Zurich timezone

QCD@LHC 2018

27th - 31st August 2018, Dresden, Germany

Welcome to the 9th edition of the international QCD@LHC workshop, which aims at fostering discussions and collaboration between experimenters and theorists, working on strong interactions at the LHC.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Latest results from the LHC on Soft and Hard QCD 
  • Theory of Jets
  • Parton Density Functions
  • Higher Order Calculations
  • Event Simulations
  • Resummation
  • Top Physics
  • Higgs Physics
  • QCD for BSM studies

Confirmed plenary contributions include:

  • Jet substructure and H/V/top-tagging
    (Simone Marzani & ATLAS/CMS speaker)
  • Inclusive and dijet production at the LHC
    (Joao Pires & ATLAS/CMS speaker)
  • QCD background processes in BSM searches
    (Jonas Lindert & ATLAS/CMS speaker)
  • Determination of the strong coupling constant
    (N.N. & ATLAS/CMS speaker)
  • Multiloop and multileg developments
    (Stephen Jones)
  • Recent developments in resummation
    (Luca Rottoli)
  • Monte Carlo event generators
    (Silvan Kuttimalai)
  • Recent developments for PDFs
    (Robert Thorne)
  • Top production and top mass
    (Andre Hoang)
  • Heavy Flavour Production at the LHC
    (Stefano Forte)
  • EW corrections in the light of QCD precision
    (Marek Schönherr)
  • QCD corrections for BSM signal processes
    (Anna Kulesza)
  • Uncertainties and challenges in jet reconstruction
    (ATLAS speaker)
  • Top quark measurements
    (CMS speaker)
  • Vector boson(s) and jet production
    (ATLAS speaker)
  • Recent results in Higgs and BSM searches
    (CMS speaker)
  • Heavy flavour production and decay
    (LHCb speaker)
  • Heavy Ions
    (Livio Bianchi (ALICE))

The Call for Abstracts for parallel talks is also open and more details about the parallel tracks can be found here.

The conference is a follow-up to the successful workshops with the same name in

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Dresden!

Dominik and Frank for the local organisers

TU Dresden
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