6/2-024 - BE Auditorium Meyrin (CERN)

6/2-024 - BE Auditorium Meyrin


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Roberto Corsini (CERN), Thibaut Lefevre (CERN)

We are happy to welcome you at CERN for a one-day event on THz applications on the CLEAR facility. The main goals for the day are to review the possible applications of THz radiation on the CLEAR test facility and to discuss a realistic plan for beam-related tests on CLEAR in 2018. 

The agenda of the event will be organised in 3 sessions:
1- Presentation of the facility
2- State of the art in THz applications, THz generation (including simulation tool) and THz detection techniques
3- Current and futur beam tests on CLEAR
followed by a general discussion on the plans for beam tests in 2018 and a visit of the CLEAR facility

Please contact the organisers if you like to make a contribution or propose a beam test.

Looking forward seeing at CERN soon
Best regards,

Thibaut Lefevre and Roberto Corsini



  • Alessandro Curcio
  • Alexander Potylitsyn
  • Andrea Passarelli
  • Antonio Gilardi
  • Ben Chen
  • Bruno Cassany
  • Carlo Rossi
  • David Banon Caballero
  • Davide Gamba
  • Florence Friebel
  • Frederic Garet
  • Henrik Bjerke
  • Hikmet BURSALI
  • Iaroslava Profatilova
  • Igor Syratchev
  • Ishkhan Gorgisyan
  • Jacques Gardelle
  • Jan Paszkiewicz
  • Jinchi Cai
  • Juergen Pfingstner
  • Kamil Tomasz Szypula
  • Kevin Pepitone
  • Konstantin Lekomtsev
  • Liangliang Shi
  • Marcin Bartosik
  • Maria Kastriotou
  • Massimo Petrarca
  • Michal Krupa
  • Michele Opromolla
  • Mikhail Martyanov
  • Peter Ratoff
  • Roberto Corsini
  • Rogelio Tomas Garcia
  • Stefano Mattiello
  • Stefano Mazzoni
  • Steffen Doebert
  • Steven Jamison
  • thibaut lefevre
  • Tom Vaughan
  • Walter Wuensch
  • Wilfrid Farabolini
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