Nov 9 – 11, 2017
Europe/Prague timezone

Important info

Electrical outlet

Plug Type C – used in Europe with the exception of the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta and Switzerland

Exchange office

The official currency of the Czech Republic is Czech crown (CZK). The current exchange rate for 1 EUR is between 25 and 26 CZK. Unfortunately, it is quite common that an exchange office tries to defraud their clients, especially tourists. They sometimes present different exchange rate on screens (25 CZK / 1 EUR) than they actually give you on the bill (15 CZK / 1 EUR). Moreover, they sometimes give you Belarusian ruble insted of Czech crowns since they are quite similiar in colour but a real value is much lower. Therefore, we recommend either to use ATM or to visit an exchange office with a czech accompanist.

Public transport

The public transport in Prague is really convenient. You can choose from underground, trams or buses. The underground has 3 lines (A - green, B - yellow, C - red) and three junctions between them (Muzeum A-C, Florenc B-C, Můstek A-B). Night public transport is ensured by night trams and buses during the whole night. The underground works only from 5:00 to 24:00. You can buy tickets in ticket vending machines, by SMS or in tobacconists and wholesalers. Among others, there are 30 min ticket for 24 CZK (0.96 EUR), 90 min ticket for 32 CZK (1.28 EUR), one day ticket for 110 CZK (4.4 EUR) or 3 days ticket for 310 CZK (12.4 EUR).

Emergency numbers

112 – universal emergency number

150 – fire brigade

155 – rescue/ambulance

156 – metropolitan police

158 – police

Important contacts for organizers

Josef Nový – +420 736 125 495

Ondřej Šubrt – +420 728 865 252

Jan Hrušovský – +420 725 471 712