25-29 June 2018
Europe/Paris timezone


Local Organizing Committee

► Keihan Tavakoli (Conference Chair)

► Jean-Michel Dubuisson

► Christian Herbeaux

► Stephanie Hustache

► Deborah Iorio

► Filipe Alves

► Manuel Tilmont (JACoW editor)

International Organizing Committee

► James Kay (MEDSI IOC Chairman)
Diamond Light Source
Head of Engineering

► Sushil Sharma
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Head of the Mechanical Engineering (ME) Group in the Accelerator Systems Division

► Deming Shu
APS/Argonne National Laboratory
Senior Engineer and Captain for Nanopositioning Supporting Lab

► Yves Dabin
Head of Advanced analysis and modeling (Instrumentation services and Development division)

► June-Rong Chen
National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC)
Research Fellow (Instrumentation Development Division, NSRRC)/ Professor (Joint Appointment, NTHU)

Ping He
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Deputy leader of HEPS storage ring

► Robert M Duarte
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Department Head

► Sunao Takahashi
Front-end Team Leader (Light Source and Oprics Division)

► Lin Zhang
Senior Mechanical Engineer

► Brad Mountford
Australian Synchrotron
Group Leader - Mechanical Engineering

► Keihan Tavakoli
SOLEIL Synchrotron
Deputy Head of Mechanical Engineering

► Lixin Yin
Shanghay Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Department of mechanical engineering

► Regis T. Neuenschwander
Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory
Engineering Division Deputy Director

► Carles Colldelram
ALBA Synchrotron
Transvesal Section Head (Engineering Division)

► Martin Dommach
European XFEL
Group Leader Vacuum

► Gordon Barkway
Canadian Light Source
Engineering Manager

► Karl Åhnberg
Mechanical Designer

► Ralph Döhrmann

Senior Engineer for Nano-positioning

Scientific Committee

► Jean-Luc Giorgetta (chair)
► Nicolas Jobert (chair)
Keihan Tavakoli