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Recursive engagement: the public as data analysts and outreach creators

Jun 5, 2018, 3:31 PM
Aula 7

Aula 7

LHC experiments Parallel Outreach


William Kalderon


Two recent outreach projects are making use of public communities to enhance and build upon the first phases setup by physicists. “HiggsHunters” asked the public to search for displaced vertices in event displays, during which time a pool of trusted members arose in the associated discussion. The data this generated is now being analysed by schoolchildren, through which they can both learn the principles of scientific research and contribute directly to it. Also involving schoolchildren is “ATLAScraft”, a recreation of ATLAS and the wider CERN complex in minecraft. Here, the basic layout was provided, but students subsequently researched and created their own mini-games to explain various aspects of the LHC and detector physics to others.

[NB: 15 minutes talk plus 2 minutes of questions]

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