Jul 4 – 11, 2018
Asia/Seoul timezone

: Multi-channel YSO scintillator crystals for the application of low energy X-rays detection in space

Jul 6, 2018, 6:30 PM


Poster Astro-particle Physics and Cosmology POSTER


Minbin Kim (Dept. of physics, Sungkyunkwan Univeristy)


We developed an X-ray detector which consisted of 36-multi-channel Yttrium OxyorthoSilicate (Y2SiO5:Ce,YSO) scintillator crystals and 36-Multi-Anode PhotoMultiplier Tubes(MAPMTs). Both YSO scintillator crystal and MAPMT have 64 channels in an 8×8 array. Therefore the X-ray detector has 2304 channels in total. The reason for choosing YSO scintillator crystal is that it has several advantages in X-ray detection compared to other scintillators. First, it has no intrinsic backgrounds which are crucial to detecting low energy X-rays. Next, it has high light yield and fast decay time. We applied the YSO scintillator crystal X-ray detector to the space mission, which is called Ultra-Fast Flash Observatory(UFFO)/Lomonosov, launched into space on Apr. 2016. We confirmed that its stable operation in space to detect X-rays. Here, we will present its design, fabrication, and performances on the detection of low energy X-rays.

Primary author

Minbin Kim (Dept. of physics, Sungkyunkwan Univeristy)


Dr Soomin Jeong (Dept. of physics, Sungkyunkwan Univeristy) Prof. Jik Lee (Dept. of physics, Sungkyunkwan Univeristy) Prof. I.H. Park (Dept. of physics, Sungkyunkwan Univeristy)

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