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Towards high-precision for high-scale SUSY: status and perspectives on the EFT Higgs-mass computation in FlexibleSUSY

24 Jul 2018, 17:50
Plaza 1

Plaza 1


Emanuele Angelo Bagnaschi (DESY Hamburg)


The non-observation of superpartners at the LHC coupled with a measured mass of the Higgs boson of $\sim125$ GeV, which points to relatively heavy spectra, has renewed the interest in the study of SUSY scenarios where most/all superpartners lie significantly above the EW scale. In this context an Effective Field Theory (EFT) approach to the Higgs mass computation is needed, in order to properly resumm the large logarithms of $\mathcal{O}(M_S/M_{EW})$,where $M_S$ is the mass scale of the superpartners and $M_{EW}$ is the electroweak scale.
In this talk we present the latest developments of the EFT computation in FlexibleSUSY, considering both possibilities of having one or two Higgs doublets in the low-energy EW-scale EFT. FlexibleSUSY includes the state-of-the-art of our current knowledge in this field. Such an advanced computation is required because of the high-precision of the experimental measurements for a quantity which might be our only handle to probe high-scale SUSY spectra.
Besides showing a few example scenarios, where we also compare with the other available predictions, we also present our own prescription for the estimation of the theoretical uncertainty of the Higgs mass prediction.

Parallel Session Precision Calculations and MC tools

Primary author


Alexander Voigt (RWTH Aachen) Georg Ralf Weiglein (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))

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