26th International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions (SUSY2018)

from Monday, 23 July 2018 (08:00) to Friday, 27 July 2018 (17:00)

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23 Jul 2018
24 Jul 2018
25 Jul 2018
26 Jul 2018
27 Jul 2018
Registration (until 08:50) ()
Inaguration - M. Martínez, R. Miquel, M. Quirós (until 09:30) ()
08:50 Introduction   ()
09:00 Welcome remarks (Secretaria d’Universitats i Recerca, Catalunya)) - Mr Arcadi Navarro   ()
09:15 Welcome remarks (Barcelona Institute of Technology, BIST) - Mr Gabriel Silberman   ()
Plenary I (until 11:00) ()
09:30 On the Nature of Gravity - Gia Dvali (ASC/MPI Munich, Germany and CCPP/New York Univ., USA)   ()
10:00 SM Higgs properties measurements - Seth Zenz (Imperial College (GB))   ()
10:30 SM Higgs rare processes - Tatjana Lenz (University of Bonn (DE))   ()
11:00 --- Break ---
Plenary II (until 13:30) ()
11:30 Status of precision computations - Stefano Frixione (INFN)   ()
12:00 Precision top and electroweak measurements - Joseph Boudreau (University of Pittsburgh)   ()
12:30 Precision physics at the high-energy frontier - Andrea Wulzer (CERN)   ()
13:00 New improvements in Jet Physics - Jesse Thaler (MIT)   ()
Plenary III (until 10:30) ()
09:00 SUSY searches - strong production - Hannsjorg Weber (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   ()
09:30 SUSY searches - electroweak production - Reina Coromoto Camacho Toro (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   ()
10:00 BSM Higgs searches - Roger Wolf (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   ()
10:30 --- Break ---
Plenary IV (until 13:00) ()
11:00 Status of low-scale supersymmetry - Matthew Reece (Cornell University, Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics)   ()
11:30 New ideas in model building - Antonio Delgado (University of Notre Dame (US))   ()
12:00 The Weak Gravity Conjecture - Clifford Cheung   ()
12:30 The ADS_4D/BPS_3D correspondence - John Terning (UC Davis)   ()
Plenary V (until 10:30) ()
09:00 Exotic searches - prompt signatures - Xabier Cid Vidal (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)   ()
09:30 Exotic searches - long-lived signatures - Laura Jeanty (University of California Berkeley (US))   ()
10:00 New ideas in LHC phenomenology - Michael Spannowsky (University of Durham (GB))   ()
10:30 --- Break ---
Plenary VI (until 13:00) ()
11:00 BSM on flavor physics - Matthias Neubert (Johannes Gutenberg Universitat Mainz)   ()
11:30 Quark flavour physics - Stefanie Reichert (Technische Universität Dortmund)   ()
12:00 Lepton flavor experiment - Ron Ray (Fermilab)   ()
12:30 Neutrino physics results - Mauro Mezzetto (Universita e INFN, Padova (IT))   ()
Plenary VII (until 10:30) ()
09:00 Observational cosmology - Josh Frieman (Fermilab)   ()
09:30 Planck/WMAP results - Paolo Natoli (Università di Ferrara)   ()
10:00 Primordial black holes - Bernard Carr (Queen Mary Univ. London, UK)   ()
10:30 --- Break ---
Plenary VIII (until 13:00) ()
11:00 Direct dark matter searches - Laura Baudis (University of Zurich)   ()
11:30 Indirect dark matter searches - Nicolao Fornengo (University of Torino and INFN)   ()
12:00 Ultralight scalars as dark matter - Lam Hui (Columbia University, USA)   ()
12:30 Axion searches - Bela Majorovits (MPI for Physics)   ()
Plenary IX (until 10:30) ()
09:00 Gravitational waves results - Borja Sorazu (University of Glasgow, UK)   ()
09:30 Gravitational waves & cosmological phase transitions - Mark Hindmarsh (University of Sussex)   ()
10:00 New ideas in inflation - Daniel Baumann   ()
10:30 --- Break ---
Plenary X (until 13:00) ()
11:00 The first stars, high-redshift 21-cm absorption, and dark matter - Jordi Miralda (ICCUB, Spain)   ()
11:30 The S-Matrix bootstrap program - Joao Miguel Augusto Penedones Fernandes (EPFL, France)   ()
12:00 New results in amplitudology - David Kosower (CEA-Saclay)   ()
12:30 Prospects at future colliders - Jonathan R. Ellis (University of London (GB))   ()
13:30 --- Lunch ---
BSM aspects of Flavour and Neutrino Physics (until 17:00) ()
15:00 Anatomy of b -> c decays - Debjyoti Bardhan (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)   ()
15:20 New physics in b->c cbar s couplings? A model independent study - Ms Kirsten Leslie (University of Sussex)   ()
15:40 Rare and semi-rare B-meson decays in ATLAS - ATLAS Collaboration   ()
16:00 Measurements of $R(D^{(*)}$ and other missing energy decays modes at Belle II. - Guglielmo De Nardo (Universita e sezione INFN di Napoli (IT))   ()
16:20 CP violation in B decays at LHCb - Julian Garcia Pardinas (Universitaet Zuerich (CH))   ()
16:40 Flavour Anomalies in Rare Decays at LHCb - Miguel Ramos Pernas (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES))   ()
Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics (until 17:00) ()
15:00 Dark matter searches with ground based Cherenkov gamma-ray telescopes - Dr Javier Rico (IFAE-BIST)   ()
15:20 Probing the nature of dark matter with IceCube - Ina Sarcevic (university of arizona)   ()
15:40 Results from the ANTARES neutrino Telescope and perspectives for KM3NeT - Dr Sergio Navas Concha (Universidad de Granada (ES))   ()
16:00 Particle Physics with KM3NeT - Juan de Dios Zornoza Gomez (IFIC)   ()
16:20 Attacking QCD uncertainties in Monte Carlo event generators for gamma-ray dark matter searches - Simone Amoroso (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   ()
16:40 Hidden local $U(1)$ symmetry realizing a neutrinophilic two-Higgs-doublet model with dark matter - Takaaki Nomura (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)   ()
Electroweak, Top and Higgs Physics (until 17:00) ()
15:00 Can we discover a light singlet-like NMSSM Higgs boson at the LHC? - Conny Renate Beskidt (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   ()
15:20 Searches for additional neutral Higgs bosons in the MSSM in ATLAS and CMS - Daniel Winterbottom (Imperial College (GB))   ()
15:40 Searches for additional charged Higgs bosons in the MSSM in ATLAS and CMS - Christian Autermann (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   ()
16:00 Mass-degenerate NMSSM Higgs bosons and the effects of quantum interference - Dr Shoaib Munir (KIAS, Seoul)   ()
16:20 Higher-order corrections to scalar couplings in BSM models with extended Higgs sectors - Johannes Braathen (LPTHE Paris)   ()
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 17:00) (Room A)
15:00 Searches for squarks and gluinos in final states involving dark matter candidates with ATLAS - Louis-Guillaume Gagnon (Universite de Montreal (CA))   (Room A)
15:20 Searches for strong production of SUSY in fully-hadronic final states with CMS - Myriam Schoenenberger (ETH Zurich (CH))   (Room A)
15:40 Reconstruction techniques in supersymmetry searches in the ATLAS experiment - Jesse Liu (University of Oxford)   (Room A)
16:00 Search for strong production of supersymmetry in final states with one or more leptons with CMS - Mateusz Zarucki (HEPHY)   (Room A)
16:20 Searches for direct pair production of stops and sbottoms with the ATLAS detector - Christian Luedtke (Freiburg)   (Room A)
16:40 Searches for 3rd generation squarks with CMS - Pedrame Bargassa (LIP Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica Experimental de Part)   (Room A)
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 17:00) (Room A)
15:00 Falsifying the pMSSM with Genetic Algorithms - Dr Sandra Robles (The University of Melbourne)   (Room A)
15:20 New physics scales and local family symmetry in a quartification SUSY GUT - Dr Antonio Morais (Aveiro University)   (Room A)
15:40 Understanding gauge and top-bottom-tau Yukawa couplings as IR fixed points in the MSSM with vector-like family - Radovan Dermisek   (Room A)
16:00 BSM-AI and iDarkSurvey: Learning (from) high-dimensional models - Mr Bob Stienen (Radboud University Nijmegen)   (Room A)
16:20 Spontaneous SUSY breaking in natural SO(10) GUT - Dr Nobuhiro Maekawa (Nagoya Univ. KMI)   (Room A)
16:40 Quasifixed points from scalar sequestering and the little hierarchy problem in supersymmetry - Stephen Martin (Northern Illinois University)   (Room A)
17:00 --- Break ---
. (until 18:30) ()
BSM aspects of Flavour and Neutrino Physics (until 18:30) ()
17:30 Effective Theories of Flavor and the Non-Universal MSSM - María Luisa López Ibáñez (Università di Roma Tre)   ()
17:50 Slepton Non-Universality in the Flavor-Effective MSSM - Aurora Melis (IFIC & University of Valencia)   ()
18:10 Search for K+->pi+nunu at CERN - Cristina Lazzeroni (University of Birmingham (GB))   ()
Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics (until 18:30) ()
17:30 Core formation from self-heating dark matter - Xiaoyong Chu   ()
17:50 Dark Matter Accretion in Neutron Stars - Dr Raghuveer Garani (Universite Libre De Bruxelles)   ()
18:10 Probing Inelastic Dark Matter with Neutron Stars\ - Dr Sandra Robles (The University of Melbourne)   ()
Precision Calculations and MC tools (until 18:30) ()
17:30 Bottom and strange Yukawa couplings at the NNLO in the MSSM - Margherita Ghezzi (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
17:55 Quark jet rates and quark gluon discrimination in multi-jet final states - Yasuhito Sakaki (KAIST)   ()
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 18:30) (Room A)
17:30 A supersymmetric model with uncolored scalar top partners - Prof. Hsin-Chia Cheng (University of California, Davis)   (Room A)
17:50 Searches for supersymmetry in events with heavy boosted objects with CMS - Nathaniel Joseph Pastika (Baylor University (US))   (Room A)
18:10 Amplitudes for Gravitino LSP and Stop NLSP - Prof. Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz (FCFM and CIFFU, BUAP)   (Room A)
Visit "Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau" (until 21:30) ()
13:00 --- Lunch ---
BSM aspects of Flavour and Neutrino Physics (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Future DUNE constraints on EFT - Dr Giovanni Grilli di Cortona (University of Sao Paulo)   ()
14:50 Neutrino masses from Planck-scale lepton number breaking - Dr Takashi Toma (Technical University of Munich)   ()
15:10 Majorana vs Pseudo-Dirac Neutrinos at Electron-Positron Colliders - Dr Joel Jones-Perez (PUCP)   ()
15:30 Interesting Models unifying Neutrino Mass, Dark Matter, Origin of PMNS and CKM, and GUT - Dr Oleg Popov (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)   ()
15:50 Search for exotic particles at NA62 - Elisa Minucci (Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) (BE))   ()
Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Results of the WIMP search with the XENON1T experiment - Ms Federica Agostini (Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Bologna and INFN-Bologna, 40126 Bologna, Italy)   ()
14:50 Darkside latest results and the future liquid argon dark matter program - tbd   ()
15:10 ANAIS-112: A test of DAMA/LIBRA dark matter signal at the Canfranc Underground Laboratory - Maria Martinez (Universidad de Zaragoza)   ()
15:30 Dark Sector searches with Belle II - Enrico Graziani (INFN - Sezione Roma III)   ()
15:50 Sub-MeV Dark Matter Interactions with Electrons: Cosmological Constraints and Detection Prospects - Benjamin Lehmann (UC Santa Cruz)   ()
16:10 TeV Astroparticle Physics: Recent Highlights from VERITAS - Prof. Reshmi Mukherjee (Barnard College, Columbia University)   ()
Electroweak, Top and Higgs Physics (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Searches for non Standard Model decays of the Higgs to two light bosons in ATLAS and CMS - Georgia Karapostoli (University of California Riverside (US))   ()
14:50 Searches for non-Standard Model decays to a light meson and a photon of the Higgs boson - ATLAS Collaboration   ()
15:10 Drell-Yan processes as probes of light new physics - Susanne Westhoff (Heidelberg University)   ()
15:30 Matching BSM physics to the SMEFT and the Weak Hamiltonian with 1-loop accuracy - Pedro Ruiz-Femenia (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)   ()
15:50 Multiboson production and searches for anomalous gauge boson couplings in ATLAS and CMS - Carlos Francisco Erice Cid (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))   ()
16:10 Results of vector boson scattering from ATLAS and CMS - Xavier Janssen (University of Antwerp (BE))   ()
Precision Calculations and MC tools (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Higher-order calculations in the munuSSM - Thomas Biekotter (IFT (Madrid))   ()
14:54 Fast approximation of SUSY NLO cross-sections using Deep Learning - Sydney Otten (RWTH Aachen)   ()
15:18 Fast computation of electroweakino cross-sections: the EWKFast tool - Dr Kazuki Sakurai (University of Warsaw)   ()
15:42 Slepton pair and electroweakinos associated production at NLO+NLL with resummation-improved parton densities for the LHC Run-II - Juri Fiaschi (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)   ()
16:06 Decays of (more or less) exotic Higgs bosons - Heidi Angelika Rzehak (Syddansk Universitet (DK))   ()
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 16:30) (Room A)
14:30 Pure higgsinos: a status update - Dr Rakhi Mahbubani (EPFL)   (Room A)
14:50 Non-Universal Gaugino Masses in the NMSSM - Junichiro Kawamura (Waseda University)   (Room A)
15:10 Searches for sleptons with the ATLAS detector - Daniel Joseph Antrim (University of California Irvine (US))   (Room A)
15:30 Searches for chargino, neutralino and slepton production with CMS - Basil Schneider (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   (Room A)
15:50 Searches for charginos and neutralinos with the ATLAS detector - Matthew Henry Klein (University of Michigan (US))   (Room A)
16:10 Searches for supersymmetry in final states with τ leptons with CMS - Alexis Kalogeropoulos (Princeton University)   (Room A)
16:30 --- Break ---
BSM aspects of Flavour and Neutrino Physics (until 18:40) ()
17:00 The quest for $\mu \to e \gamma$ and its experimental limiting factors at future high intensity muon beams - Cecilia Voena (Sapienza Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT))   ()
17:20 Improved analysis for CLFV processes $\mu N(eN) \to \tau X$ with gluon operators - Masato Yamanaka (Kyoto Sangyo University)   ()
17:40 (In)dependence of various LFV observables in the non-minimal SUSY - Dr Wojciech Kotlarski (TU - Dresden)   ()
18:00 Charm Mixing and CPV at LHCb - Michael Thomas Alexander (University of Glasgow (GB))   ()
18:20 Searches for BSM Effects at BaBar - Justin Albert (University of Victoria (CA))   ()
Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Indirect detection of (Late-decoupling) Semi-Annihilating Dark Matter - Andrew Spray (TRIUMF) Andrew Spray (CoEPP, University of Melbourne)   ()
17:20 J-factors for Velocity-Dependent Dark Matter Annihilation - Prof. Jason Kumar (University of Hawaii)   ()
17:40 Sudakov log resummation for indirect detection of heavy WIMP dark matter - Martin Vollmann (Technische Universität München (TUM))   ()
18:00 Two scalar singlet Higgs Portal and the Anomaly-cancelation on a leptophobic Z'-mediator with axially coupled DM - Javier Quilis (IFT, UAM-CSIC)   ()
18:20 Stop annihilation into heavy quarks in DM@NLO - Saskia Schmiemann   ()
Electroweak, Top and Higgs Physics (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Measurement of cross sections and properties of the Higgs boson in decays to bosons using the ATLAS detector - Stylianos Angelidakis (Université Clermont Auvergne (FR))   ()
17:20 Measurements and searches of Higgs boson decays to two fermions - Luca Fiorini (Univ. of Valencia and CSIC (ES))   ()
17:40 The Higgs mass in supersymmetric and non-supersymmetric models - Florian Staub (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   ()
18:00 Quantum scale symmetry via constrained dimensional regularization - Pawel Olszewski (University of Warsaw)   ()
Precision Calculations and MC tools (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Determination of the Higgs masses in the MSSM with heavy superparticles - Pietro Slavich (LPTHE Paris)   ()
17:25 Precise Higgs mass predictions in the (N)MSSM - Alexander Voigt (RWTH Aachen)   ()
17:50 Towards high-precision for high-scale SUSY: status and perspectives on the EFT Higgs-mass computation in FlexibleSUSY - Emanuele Angelo Bagnaschi (DESY Hamburg)   ()
18:15 The prediction of the W boson mass in an R-symmetric model - Philip Diessner (DESY)   ()
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 18:40) (Room A)
17:00 Searches for electroweak production of supersymmetric particles involving the Higgs boson and the higgsino with ATLAS - Elodie Deborah Resseguie (University of Pennsylvania (US))   (Room A)
17:20 Higgs Cascade Decays and the LHC - Sebastian Baum (Stockholm University and Oskar Klein Centre)   (Room A)
17:40 Searches for supersymmetry in final states with photons with CMS - Johannes Schulz (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   (Room A)
18:00 Higgs alignment from extended supersymmetry - Sophie Williamson (LPTHE, Sorbonne Université)   (Room A)
18:20 A smoking gun of Higgs Inflation in the NMSSM - Wolfgang Hollik (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (Room A)
Poster Session (until 20:10) ()
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Alternatives to Supersymmetry (until 16:30) ()
14:30 General bounds on hidden CFTs - Mr Kevin Max (SNS Pisa)   ()
14:50 The fate of the Littlest Higgs Model with T-parity under 13 TeV LHC Data - So Young Shim (DESY)   ()
15:10 Common exotic decays of top partners - Thomas Flacke (IBS CTPU)   ()
15:30 Search for vector-like quarks with the ATLAS Detector - Romain Madar (Université Clermont Auvergne (FR))   ()
15:50 Searches for Massive Vector-like Quarks at CMS - Alberto Orso Maria Iorio (Universita e sezione INFN di Napoli (IT))   ()
16:10 Search for new resonances coupling to third generation quarks at CMS - Robin Erbacher (University of California Davis (US))   ()
Cosmology and Gravitational Waves (until 16:30) ()
14:30 GW forest from the string axiverse - Prof. Jiro Soda (Kobe University)   ()
14:50 Multi-peaked signatures of primordial gravitational waves from multi-step electroweak phase transition - Dr Antonio Morais (Aveiro University)   ()
15:10 Gravitational waves from first order electroweak phase transition in models with the U(1)_X gauge symmetry - Dr Toshinori Matsui (Korea Inst. for Advanced Study (KIAS))   ()
15:30 Cosmic Archaeology with Gravitational Waves from Cosmic Strings - Marek Lewicki (Kings College London)   ()
15:50 Primordial black holes in the axion-like curvaton model and the LIGO events - Kenta Ando (ICRR, University of Tokyo)   ()
Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Observable windows for the QCD axion as a hot relic - Prof. Alessio Notari (Universitat de Barceloa)   ()
14:50 Axions from Strings - Marco Gorghetto (SISSA)   ()
15:10 Light axino dark matter and freeze-in production - Dr Kyu Jung Bae (Institute for Basic Science)   ()
15:30 Spontaneous Leptogenesis in Continuum-Clockwork Axion Models - Dr Jeff Kost (Institute of Basic Science)   ()
15:50 Singlet-Triplet Higgs Portal Dark Matter - Anastasiia Filimonova (Heidelberg University)   ()
16:10 Self-interacting dark matter and muon $g-2$ in a gauged U$(1)_{L_{\mu} - L_{\tau}}$ model - Keisuke Yanagi (University of Tokyo)   ()
Electroweak, Top and Higgs Physics (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Highlights of top-quark production measurements at ATLAS and CMS (production: top pairs, single top as well as tt+X, t+X) - Olga Bessidskaia Bylund (Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal (DE))   ()
14:50 Highlights of top-quark properties measurements at ATLAS and CMS - Xin Chen (Tsinghua University (CN))   ()
15:10 The top-quark mass: uncertainties due to bottom fragmentation - Gennaro Corcella (INFN - LNF)   ()
15:30 ttH production measurements at CMS - Dr Pietro Vischia (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))   ()
15:50 Studies of Higgs boson production in association with a ttbar pair - Alexander Held (CERN)   ()
16:10 High Precision Predictions for SUSY Higgs-Boson Masses - Sven Heinemeyer (CSIC (Madrid, ES))   ()
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 16:30) (Room A)
14:30 The status of SUSY by GAMBIT - Csaba Balazs (Monash University)   (Room A)
14:50 Same-sign trilepton signal for a stop in presence of sneutrino LSP - Dr Subhadeep Mondal (University of Helsinki)   (Room A)
15:10 Long-lived particle searches at MoEDAL - Dr Kazuki Sakurai (University of Warsaw)   (Room A)
15:30 Searches for squarks and gluinos in less conventional scenarios with ATLAS - ATLAS Collaboration   (Room A)
15:50 Searches for R-parity violating supersymmetry with CMS - Alejandro Gomez Espinosa (ETH Zurich (CH))   (Room A)
16:10 Searches for squarks and gluinos in signatures with long-lived particles with ATLAS - Dominik Krauss (Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik (DE))   (Room A)
16:30 --- Break ---
. (until 18:40) ()
Alternatives to Supersymmetry (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Bileptons at LHC - Gennaro Corcella (INFN - LNF)   ()
17:20 Searches for high-mass resonances in fully leptonic final states - ATLAS Collaboration   ()
17:40 Searches for new phenomena in final states involving leptons and jets using the ATLAS detector - ATLAS Collaboration   ()
18:00 Searches for Vector-like Leptons in CMS - Maximilian Dieter Heindl (Rutgers State Univ. of New Jersey (US))   ()
18:20 Dissecting Multi-Photon Resonances at the Large Hadron Collider - Dr Abhishek Iyer (INFN)   ()
Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Revisiting the Dark Matter Relic Abundance Calculation: The Case of Early Kinetic Decoupling - Dr Michael Gustafsson (Göttingen University)   ()
17:20 Resonance enhancement of dark matter interactions: the case for early kinetic decoupling and velocity dependent resonance width - Bohdan Grzadkowski (University of Warsaw)   ()
17:40 Duration of classicality of a degenerate quantum scalar field - Dr Seishi Enomoto (University of Florida)   ()
18:00 Unassociated Gamma-ray Sources as Targets for Indirect DM Detection with Fermi-LAT - Mr Javier Coronado-Blázquez (Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT UAM-CSIC))   ()
Electroweak, Top and Higgs Physics (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Search for di-Higgs production - ATLAS Collaboration   ()
17:20 Higgs Pair Production at Future Hadron Colliders: From Kinematics to Dynamics - Michihisa Takeuchi (Univ. of Tokyo)   ()
17:40 A universally enhanced light-quarks Yukawa couplings paradigm - Dr Shaouly Bar-Shalom (Technion, Israel)   ()
18:00 Search for LFV Higgs and Flavon decays at future colliders - Prof. Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz (FCFM and CIFFU BUAP)   ()
18:20 Higgs decays in the NMSSM - Sven Heinemeyer (CSIC (Madrid, ES))   ()
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 18:40) (Room A)
17:00 Production of squarks at the LHC in R-symmetric SUSY - Philip Diessner (DESY)   (Room A)
17:20 Dark Matter, LHC signals and muon (g-2) in some SUSY-GUT's. - Mario E. Gomez (Universidad de Huelva)   (Room A)
17:40 Dark Matter, Gravity Waves and Proton Decay - qaisar shafi (university of delaware)   (Room A)
18:00 Indirect Probe of Minimal Dark Matter at Collider - Satoshi Shirai (Kavli IPMU)   (Room A)
18:20 Realization of a spontaneous gauge and supersymmetry breaking vacuum - Yuji Omura (KMI, Nagoya University)   (Room A)
Visit MNAC - Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (until 22:45) ()
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Alternatives to Supersymmetry (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Searches for heavy resonances decaying into Z, W and Higgs bosons at CMS - Daniela Schafer (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   ()
14:50 ATLAS Searches for Diboson Resonances - ATLAS Collaboration   ()
15:10 Searches with non-standard signatures with CMS - Livia Soffi (Cornell University (US))   ()
15:30 Search for New Physics through the Reconstruction of Challenging Signatures with the ATLAS detector - ATLAS Collaboration   ()
15:50 Bottom-quark Fusion Processes at the LHC for Probing Z′ Models and B-meson Decay Anomalies - Teruki Kamon (Texas A & M University (US))   ()
16:10 Collider phenomenology of Hidden Valley mediators of spin 0 or 1/2 with semivisible jets - Giovanni Grilli di Cortona (Sao Paulo University)   ()
Cosmology and Gravitational Waves (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Gauge/Fermion Production in Axion Inflation - Kyohei Mukaida (Kavli IPMU)   ()
14:50 Asymptotic Scale Invariance, Electroweak Vacuum Stability and Higgs Inflation - Dr Kengo Shimada (EPFL)   ()
15:10 Baryogenesis with the non-adiabatic Berry phase - Tomohiro Matsuda (Saitama Institute of Technology)   ()
15:30 Multistep Single-Field Strong Phase Transitions from New TeV Scale Fermions - Andrei Angelescu (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)   ()
Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics (until 16:30) ()
14:30 Dark Matter searches with the ATLAS Detector - Michaela Queitsch-Maitland (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   ()
14:50 Searches for dark matter in non-hadronic final states at CMS - Shamik Ghosh (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (IN))   ()
15:10 Searches for Dark Matter mediators with the ATLAS Detector - ATLAS Collaboration   ()
15:30 Collider search for minimal dark matter - Hajime Fukuda (The University of Tokyo)   ()
15:50 Global perspectives on dark matter simplified models - Emanuele Angelo Bagnaschi (DESY Hamburg)   ()
16:10 Primordial Black Holes from Axions - Dr Fabrizio Rompineve (IFAE)   ()
Formal Field Theory and Strings (until 16:30) ()
14:30 N=1 superfield description of 6D SUGRA and its 4D effective theory - Dr Yutaka Sakamura (KEK)   ()
14:50 Supersymmetric Dirac-Born-Infeld action from N=2 supergravity - Shuntaro Aoki (Waseda University)   ()
15:10 Collinear Superspace - Gilly Elor   ()
15:30 Weak Gravity Conjecture constraints on the SM and Beyond - Victor Martin-Lozano (IFT-UAM/CSIC)   ()
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 16:30) (Room A)
14:30 Constraints from LHC-data on supersymmetric particles in scenarios with light right-handed neutrinos - Prof. Werner Porod (Uni. Wurzburg)   (Room A)
14:50 Big-bang nucleosynthesis and Leptogenesis in CMSSM - Dr Joe Sato (Saitama University)   (Room A)
15:10 Charged Fermions Below 100 GeV - Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic (CN Yang Institute, Stony Brook University)   (Room A)
15:30 Loopholes in Z' searches: exploring supersymmetry and leptophobia - Gennaro Corcella (INFN - LNF)   (Room A)
15:50 Towards the identification of the flavour structure of SUSY - Björn Herrmann (LAPTh Annecy)   (Room A)
16:10 Flavor and CP Violation in SU(5) with Right-handed Neutrinos Revisited - Dr Takumi Kuwahara (IBS)   (Room A)
16:30 --- Break ---
. (until 18:40) ()
Alternatives to Supersymmetry (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Clockwork theory and phenomenology - Dr Daniele Teresi (Université Libre de Bruxelles)   ()
17:20 Color Unified Dynamical Axion - Dr Rachel Houtz (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and IFT UAM/CSIC)   ()
17:40 B-L Miracle as gauged PQ symmetry - Motoo Suzuki   ()
18:00 A possible alternative mechanism to SUSY: conservative extensions of the Poincaré group - Andras Laszlo (Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU))   ()
Cosmology and Gravitational Waves (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Cosmological domain walls in the Standard Model and beyond - Tomasz Krajewski (University of Warsaw)   ()
17:20 Primordial Black Holes from Affleck-Dine Baryogenesis - Hasegawa Fuminori   ()
17:40 Superconformal Subcritical Hybrid Inflation - Dr Koji Ishiwata (Kanazawa University)   ()
18:00 Accelerated Cosmic Expansion and the Dark Energy Survey - Martin Crocce (Institute for Space Science (IEEC-CSIC))   ()
Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics (until 18:40) ()
17:00 Next-to-minimal dark matter at colliders - Felix Bruemmer (Université de Montpellier)   ()
17:20 Probing ~100 GeV wino-like dark matter at the LHC - Dr Shoaib Munir (KIAS, Seoul)   ()
17:40 Higgs binoculars for dark matter searches - Simon Kast (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)   ()
18:00 Prospects for SUSY dark matter in light of LHC Run 2 results - Emanuele Angelo Bagnaschi (DESY Hamburg)   ()
18:20 Perspectives of monojet searches at the LHC on supersymmetric Dark Matter - Conny Renate Beskidt (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   ()
Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results (until 18:40) (Room A)
17:00 Prospects for SUSY discovery in light of LHC Run 2 results - Emanuele Angelo Bagnaschi (DESY Hamburg)   (Room A)
17:20 Performance of Missing Transverse Momentum Reconstruction in High Pile-Up - Marco Valente (Universite de Geneve (CH))   (Room A)
17:40 Beyond-Standard-Model Physics at the High-Luminosity LHC - Henning Keller (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   (Room A)
18:00 Jet Observables and Stops at 100 TeV Collider - Mr Shing Chau Leung (Brown University)   (Room A)
18:20 Investigating sleptons with smaller mass gaps at the LHC and indirect detection experiments - Prof. Bhaskar Dutta (Texas A&M University)   (Room A)
Conference Dinner (until 23:30) ()
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Closing (until 16:00) ()
14:30 Outlook - Luis Ibanez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)   ()
15:00 SUSY2019 and farewell   ()
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