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Gauge/Fermion Production in Axion Inflation

26 Jul 2018, 14:30
Plaza 8

Plaza 8


Kyohei Mukaida (Kavli IPMU)


A Chern-Simons coupling with a gauge field is common in axion inflation. It is well known that this coupling leads to interesting phenomenology via the resonant production of helical gauge fields; e.g., gravitational wave, magnetogenesis, leptogenesis, etc. In this talk, we extend the previous analysis to the case where chiral fermions are charged under this gauge field which couples with the inflaton via the Chern-Simons coupling. This is the case for instance with the SM gauge group. We discuss how this coupling modifies the phenomenology by the associated production of these chiral fermions.

Parallel Session Cosmology and Gravitational Waves

Primary author

Kyohei Mukaida (Kavli IPMU)


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