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New physics in b->c cbar s couplings? A model independent study

23 Jul 2018, 15:20
Plaza 8

Plaza 8


Ms Kirsten Leslie (University of Sussex)


Effective b->c cbar s operators affect a range of B meson processes, providing a rich phenomenological testing ground for studies of new physics. It is often assumed that such operators will not generate a sizeable BSM contribution, however a comprehensive model independent treatment implies that some observables are sensitive to new physics effects, motivating a phenomenological study of the impact of these effects and the possible interplay between them.
In this talk I will show that by investigating the impact of BSM effects on B meson lifetime observables, radiative and rare decay, individual constraints upon various possible new physics scenarios are deduced. I highlight that renormalization group effects are important in linking charmed operators to rare and radiative decay, revealing a sensitivity upon chiral structure of operators, which plays an important role in constraining possible scenarios. Further, by allowing Wilson coefficient to be complex, new weak phases are introduced into decay amplitudes which yield non-SM effects in CP violating asymmetries providing an extra probe of new physics in charm couplings. In short, by considering many measurements in which charmed operators could contribute, this exploratory study provides useful constraints upon new physics signals.

Parallel Session BSM aspects of Flavour and Neutrino Physics

Primary author

Ms Kirsten Leslie (University of Sussex)


Dr Sebastian Jäger (University of Sussex) Mr Matthew Kirk (IPPP Durham) Prof. Alexander Lenz (IPPP Durham)

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