Dark matter searches with ground based Cherenkov gamma-ray telescopes

23 Jul 2018, 15:00
Room C

Room C


Dr Javier Rico (IFAE-BIST)


A promising way to identify the nature of dark matter (DM) and to measure its
properties and spatial distribution is to search for the gamma rays produced in annihilation or decay of DM particles in the local Universe.
In particular, ground-based Cherenkov gamma-ray telescopes are sensitive to WIMPs of mass above ~100 GeV. The current generation of instruments, such as H.E.S.S., MAGIC and VERITAS have conducted deep observations searching for such DM signals. In the near future, the next-generation Cherenkov Telescope Array, will increase the sensitive of these searches by almost one order of magnitude.
In this talk I will review the experimental current status and future prospects of DM indirect searches with Cherenkov telescopes.

Parallel Session Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics

Primary author

Dr Javier Rico (IFAE-BIST)

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