Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that KPS (Korean Physical Society) and AKPA (Association of Korean Physicists in America) will host a Joint Symposium from 1pm to 8pm on Sunday, March 4, 2018 prior to the APS March Meeting. This is to support young ethnic Korean physicists in Korea and North America. It will provide an opportunity for postdocs and students who attend the APS March Meeting to present their work to the KPS-AKPA community and for the community to understand current concerns and needs of young Korean scientists in this global and rapidly changing society. We will also have an opportunity to congratulate and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Journal of the KPS (JKPS).

If you plan to attend this Symposium, please register. There is no fee for registration. Symposium dinner will be provided.

Best regards, Jae Il Lee, President of KPS, and Young-Kee Kim, President of AKPA


The organizing team consists of Takhee Lee from Seoul National University, SangMin Lee from Seoul National University, Young-Kee Kim from the University of Chicago, and Kyungseon Joo from the University of Connecticut.

The Symposium is sponsored / supported by Springer (the publisher of JKPS), APS, KPS and AKPA.


Room 510
Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), APS March Meeting