Joint KPS-AKPA Symposium on New Frontiers in Physics

Room 510

Room 510

Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), APS March Meeting

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that KPS (Korean Physical Society) and AKPA (Association of Korean Physicists in America) will host a Joint Symposium from 1pm to 8pm on Sunday, March 4, 2018 prior to the APS March Meeting. This is to support young ethnic Korean physicists in Korea and North America. It will provide an opportunity for postdocs and students who attend the APS March Meeting to present their work to the KPS-AKPA community and for the community to understand current concerns and needs of young Korean scientists in this global and rapidly changing society. We will also have an opportunity to congratulate and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Journal of the KPS (JKPS).

If you plan to attend this Symposium, please register. There is no fee for registration. Symposium dinner will be provided.

Best regards, Jae Il Lee, President of KPS, and Young-Kee Kim, President of AKPA


The organizing team consists of Takhee Lee from Seoul National University, SangMin Lee from Seoul National University, Young-Kee Kim from the University of Chicago, and Kyungseon Joo from the University of Connecticut.

The Symposium is sponsored / supported by Springer (the publisher of JKPS), APS, KPS and AKPA.


  • Ah-Young Jee
  • Byungnam Kahng
  • Cheol-Hwan Park
  • Elisabeth Mol
  • Eric Mubazi
  • Hosung Seo
  • Hyuk Kyu Pak
  • Hyun-Tak Kim
  • Ildoo Kim
  • Jaeoh Shin
  • Jinha Park
  • Kangwon Kim
  • Kisung Lee
  • Kwon Park
  • Kyong Chol Han
  • Kyungjune Cho
  • Kyungseon Joo
  • Matt Kim
  • Minsu Kim
  • Myoung-Hwan Kim
  • Sang Wook Lee
  • Sangil Kwon
  • Se Kwon Kim
  • Siyoung Kim
  • Steve Granick
  • Tom Spicer
  • Wonhee Lee
  • Yeonsik Jang
  • Yongsoo Yang
  • Young-Kee Kim
  • Yung Woo Park
    • 1:00 PM 1:30 PM
      Badge pick-up, Welcome remarks, and Introduction of participants 30m
    • 1:30 PM 1:55 PM
      Intrinsic conduction mechanism in polymer nanofibers (15’ + 10’) 25m
      Speaker: Prof. Park Yung Woo (Seoul National University)
    • 1:55 PM 2:10 PM
      Atomic Electron Tomography: Probing 3D Structure and Physical Properties at the Single-Atom Level (10’ + 5’) 15m

      To understand material properties and functionality at the fundamental level, it is essential to precisely determine their 3D atomic arrangement. For crystalline materials, crystallography can provide this information. However, perfect crystals are rare in nature. Real materials often contain crystal defects, surface reconstructions, nanoscale heterogeneities, and disorders, which strongly influence material properties and performance. Here, we present atomic electron tomography (AET) for 3D structure determination of crystal defects and disordered materials at the single-atom level. By combining the tomographic tilt series acquired from aberration corrected electron microscopes with advanced algorithms [1], we localized the coordinates of individual atoms and point defects in materials with a 3D precision of ~19 pm, and determined full 3D strain tensor [2]. More recently, we determined the 3D coordinates of 6,569 Fe and 16,627 Pt atoms in an FePt nanoparticle, and correlated chemical order/disorder and crystal defects with material properties at the individual atomic level [3].

      [1] A. Pryor, Y. Yang et al., Sci. Rep. 7:10409 (2017).
      [2] R. Xu et al., Nature Mater. 14, 1099-1103 (2015).
      [3] Y. Yang et al., Nature 542, 75-79 (2017).

      Speaker: Dr Yongsoo Yang (UCLA)
    • 2:10 PM 2:25 PM
      Tiered synchronization to traveling-wave state through a metastable state (10’ + 5’) 15m
      Speaker: Jinha Park (Seoul National University)
    • 2:25 PM 2:50 PM
      Surprises, puzzles, and job opportunities in the IBS (15’ + 10’) 25m
      Speaker: Prof. Steve Granick (UNIST IBS Center)
    • 2:50 PM 3:05 PM
      Raman studies of the antiferromagnetic phase transition in atomically thin NiPS3 (10’ + 5’) 15m
      Speaker: Kangwon Kim (Sogang University)
    • 3:05 PM 3:20 PM
      Chiral Edge Mode in the Coupled Dynamics of Magnetic Solitons in a Honeycomb Lattice (10’ + 5’) 15m
      Speaker: Dr Se Kwon Kim (UCLA)
    • 3:20 PM 3:50 PM
      Break 30m
    • 3:50 PM 4:15 PM
      AKPA's Outstanding Young Research Award Ceremony (5') + Awardee Presentation (15' + 5') 25m
      Speaker: Prof. Myoung-Hwan Kim (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)
    • 4:15 PM 4:30 PM
      Carrier injection enhancement via directly deposited thiol-molecules on MoS2 field-effect transistors (10’ + 5’) 15m
      Speaker: Kyungjune Cho (Seoul National University)
    • 4:30 PM 4:45 PM
      Understanding flowing soap films (10’ + 5’) 15m

      Flowing soap films are useful tools to simulate two-dimensional flows, but not all of their physical properties, e.g. elasticity, are well understood. The presence of surfactant not only gives rise of the elasticity that stabilized the two-dimensional slab of water, but also imparts it compressibility. To comprehend the hydrodynamics on soap films, it is desirable to measure the surface tension and the elasticity. In this talk, we present experimental measurements of these quantities. The elasticity is measured by using the gas-dynamics analogy of the soap film flows, and the surface tension is measured by balancing it to a known weight. The measurement are rationalized using two-parameter model.

      Speaker: Dr Ildoo Kim (Brown University)
    • 4:45 PM 5:05 PM
      Career Paths for Physicists (10' + 10') by Founder and President of QuantTera 20m
      Speaker: Dr Matt Kim (QuantTera)
    • 5:05 PM 6:05 PM
      Panel Discussion on Career Opportunities and Development 1h
      Speakers: Dr Hyun-Tak Kim (ETRI), Prof. Kyungseon Joo (University of Connecticut), Prof. Myoung-Hwan Kim (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), Prof. Takhee Lee (Seoul National University)
    • 6:05 PM 6:30 PM
      Travel to Chosun Galbee (Korean restaurant) 25m
      ~10' by car from the LA Convention Center

    • 6:30 PM 8:00 PM
      Networking Dinner at Chosun Galbee, 3330 W. Olympic Blvd (phone: 323-734-3330) 1h 30m