Understanding flowing soap films (10’ + 5’)

Mar 4, 2018, 4:30 PM
Room 510

Room 510

Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), APS March Meeting


Dr Ildoo Kim (Brown University)


Flowing soap films are useful tools to simulate two-dimensional flows, but not all of their physical properties, e.g. elasticity, are well understood. The presence of surfactant not only gives rise of the elasticity that stabilized the two-dimensional slab of water, but also imparts it compressibility. To comprehend the hydrodynamics on soap films, it is desirable to measure the surface tension and the elasticity. In this talk, we present experimental measurements of these quantities. The elasticity is measured by using the gas-dynamics analogy of the soap film flows, and the surface tension is measured by balancing it to a known weight. The measurement are rationalized using two-parameter model.

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