DEELS 2018

G59 (Diamond Light Source)


Diamond Light Source

Diamond House, Harwell Campus, Didcot, OX11 0DE, United Kingdom

This is the 2018 installation of the workshop for 'Diagnostics Experts of European Light Sources' DEELS 2018. This year, the event is scheduled a little earlier than in previous years, as it is followed by the 'Topical Workshop for Diagnostics on Ultra-Low Emittance Rings' TW-DULER

The idea for these two workshops is that DEELS remains the successful, informal meeting focussing on ongoing work, whereas TW-DULER will be formally organised by a Scientific Programme Committee selecting talks on forward looking aspects and addresses a somewhat larger Ultra Low Emittance Ring community. 

Please use the 'Call for Abstracts' facility here to submit any proposals.

Registration will close 6 April at 12 GMT.

  • Alun Morgan
  • Andreas Schälicke
  • Andrew Rimmer
  • Angel Olmos
  • Benoît Roche
  • Chris Bloomer
  • David Yepez
  • Dirk Lipka
  • Edmund Blomley
  • Friederike Ewald
  • Gabriele Brajnik
  • Guenther Rehm
  • Hussein Al-Mohammad
  • Ji-Gwang Hwang
  • Laura Torino
  • Lorraine Bobb
  • Manuel Cargnelutti
  • Marie Labat
  • Michael Abbott
  • Nicolas Hubert
  • Niki Vitoratou
  • Raffaele De Monte
  • Shuo Zhang
  • Volker Schlott
  • Åke Andersson