"CHERNE is an open European academic network for Cooperation in Higher Education on Radiological and Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Protection, with the following objectives:

  • share competences and facilities in organizing teaching activities for the students, mainly at the Master Level.
  • enhance the mutual support by learning from each other, by exchanging experiences and by regular mutual reflection "

The subjects of interest to the Workshop encompass education and research in all areas of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, including but not limited to:

  • Radiological Protection
  • Radiation and Radioisotope Applications to Industry, Medicine and Research
  • Environmental Radioactivity
  • Radiation Measurements
  • Radiation transport and Monte Carlo methods
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Reactor Physics: Neutronics, Nuclear Reactors
  • Nuclear Safety
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials
  • Risk Analysis applied to Nuclear Engineering

Particularly meaningful to the scope of CHERNE are issues relating to the organization, in the framework of the Bologna declaration, of the career of students majoring in nuclear/radiological engineering and/or physics

Macugnaga (VB), Italy