Multi-Boson Interactions Workshop at the University of Michigan

335 West Hall, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109
Junjie Zhu (University of Michigan (US))

The annual Multi-Boson Interactions (MBI 2018) workshop will be hosted by the ATLAS group and the Leinweber Center for Theoretical Physics (LCTP) at the University of Michigan from August 28 to August 30, 2018. It will bring theorists and experimentalists together to discuss multi-boson interactions within the contexts of the gauge sector of the Standard Model and new physics. 

The registration deadline is July 28, 2018. No registration fees are required. Participants need to pay the workshop dinner themselves.

Topics of discussion:

  • Diboson production

  • Triboson production

  • Higgs production

  • Vector boson scattering and vector boson fusion

  • Precision calculation and measurement of multiboson production

  • New physics in multiboson production

  • Monte Carlo generators

  • LHC Run 2 results and beyond

The workshop room is 335 West Hall building, and the official physics department address is 450 Church Street, and when you are close, you will see signs for directions. A map about the workshop, campus, hotels and restaurants can be found here.

Program Committee:

John Campbell (FNAL), Sally Dawson (BNL), Lindsey Gray (FNAL), Christophe Grojean (DESY), Tao Han (U Pittsburgh), Matthew Herndon (UW Madison), Barbara Jager (U Tubingen), Michael Kobel (TU Dresden), Sabine Lammers (Indiana U), Yurii Maravin (Kansas State University), Marc-Andre Pleier (BNL), Aaron Pierce (U Michigan), Jianming Qian (U  Michigan), Jurgen Reuter (DESY), James Wells (U Michigan), Bing Zhou (U Michigan), Junjie Zhu (U Michigan)

Local Organization Committee:

Aaron Pierce, Jianming Qian, James Wells, Bing Zhou, Junjie Zhu

Session chairs:

Juergen Reuter (Tue morning), Marc-Andre Pleier (Tue afternoon), Michael Kobel (Wed morning), Jianming Qian (Wed afternoon), Tao Han (Thur morning), Aaron Pierce (Thur afternoon)

Previous MBI workshops:

2017 Karlsruhe, Germany

2016 Madison, USA

2015 Hamburg, Germany

2014 BNL, USA

2013 Dresden, Germany


  • Aaron Pierce
  • Abhishek Nag
  • Alessandro Tricoli
  • Ambresh Shivaji
  • Bing Li
  • Bing Zhou
  • Da Liu
  • Dorival Gonçalves
  • Elena Yatsenko
  • Haijun Yang
  • Ian Lewis
  • Jessica Metcalfe
  • Jianming Qian
  • Joey Huston
  • John Chapman
  • Jordan Damgov
  • Junjie Zhu
  • Jürgen Reuter
  • Karolos Potamianos
  • Kaustubh Agashe
  • Kenneth Long
  • Marc-Andre Pleier
  • Marco Zaro
  • Matthew Herndon
  • Michael David Krohn
  • Michael Kobel
  • Michael Rauch
  • Philipp Roloff
  • R Sekhar Chivukula
  • Radja Boughezal
  • Sabine Wedam Lammers
  • Saptaparna Bhattacharya
  • Seyed Shams Sajadi Kaljahi
  • Shu Li
  • Stefan Hoeche
  • Takuya Nobe
  • Tao Han
  • Tim Herrmann
  • Wenhao Xu
  • Zhengguo Zhao
    • 1
      Speakers: Aaron Pierce (University of Michigan), Junjie Zhu (University of Michigan (US))
    • 2
      Status of NLO/NNLO QCD calculations for multi-boson processes
      Speaker: Radja Boughezal (Argonne National Laboratory)
    • 3
      Electroweak corrections in VBS and multi-boson and VBScan MC comparison
      Speaker: Marco Zaro (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))
    • 4
      Coffee break
    • 5
      Results for charged diboson channels (including aTGCs)
      Speaker: Saptaparna Bhattacharya (Northwestern University (US))
    • 6
      Results for neutral diboson channels (including aTGCs)
      Speaker: Bing Li (University of Michigan (US))
    • 7
      Precision measurement with diboson at the LHC
      Speaker: Da Liu (Argonne National Laboratory)
    • 8
      Coffee break
    • 9
      EFT in di(multi-)bosons
      Speaker: Andrea Wulzer (CERN)
    • 10
      Status of Sherpa event generator
      Speaker: Stefan Hoeche (SLAC)
    • 11
      Status of WHIZARD event generator
      Speaker: Jürgen Reuter (DESY Hamburg, Germany)
    • 12
      Welcome reception (337 West Hall)
    • 13
      Dimensional-8 operators, EFT validity and unitarization
      Speaker: Jürgen Reuter (DESY Hamburg, Germany)
    • 14
      Results on triboson proudction (including aQGCs)
      Speaker: Shu Li (Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (CN) & Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (CN))
    • 15
      Coffee break
    • 16
      Results on VBS-VV production for charged diboson channels (including aQGCs)
      Speaker: Elena Yatsenko (Shanghai Jiao Tong University (CN) & Tsung-Dao Lee Institute (CN))
    • 17
      Results on VBS-VV production for neutral diboson channels (including aQGCs)
      Speaker: Kenneth Long (University of Wisconsin Madison (US))
    • 18
      Generalized tri-boson signals from a warped extra dimension
      Speaker: Kaustubh Agashe (University of Maryland)
    • 19
      BSM relevant for multi-boson physics
      Speaker: Ian Lewis (The University of Kansas)
    • 20
      Coffee break
    • 21
      Search for aQGCs in combinations of multi-boson interactions
      Speaker: Jessica Metcalfe (Argonne National Laboratory (US))
    • 22
      New physics results (non-boosted signatures) from the LHC
      Speaker: Takuya Nobe (University of Tokyo (JP))
    • 23
      New physics results (boosted signatures) from the LHC
      Speaker: Jordan Damgov (Texas Tech University (US))
    • 24
      Status of MadGraph5 event generator
      Speaker: Dr Ambresh Shivaji (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve)
    • 25
      Workshop dinner (341 S Main St, Ann Arbor)

      Real Seafood Company at Ann Arbor:
      341 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    • 26
      Connection to Higgs EFT
      Speaker: Dorival Gonçalves (University of Pittsburgh)
    • 27
      Results on VBF-V and VBF-H production (including aTGCs) from the LHC
      Speaker: Sabine Wedam Lammers (Indiana University (US))
    • 28
      Coffee break
    • 29
      Results on VH and HH production (including aTGCs) from the LHC
      Speaker: Michael David Krohn (University of Minnesota (US))
    • 30
      H->VV differential measurement
      Speaker: Haijun Yang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University (CN))
    • 31
      Prospects for multi-boson physics at future colliders
      Speaker: Tao Han (University of Pittsburgh)
    • 32
      Future colliders
      Speaker: Philipp Roloff (CERN)
    • 33
      Coffee break
    • 34
      Conference summary
      Speaker: R. Sekhar Chivukula (Michigan State University)