3-12 May 2019
Museum Casa de los Árabes
Cuba timezone


We are pleased to inform you that we have signed a contract with Astronomische Nachrichten for publication of the proceedings of the STARS2019/SMFNS2019 meetings. Founded in 1821 by the German astronomer Heinrich Christian Schumacher, AN is the oldest magazine in the field of astronomy that is still published. Albert Einstein published some of his seminal articles in this journal.

The deadline for submitting the contributions is 3 September 2019. We emphasize that contributions to the proceedings must follow the standards established by the journal (see below).

We have defined the following number of pages for the contributions: 6 pages for 30 minutes oral talks, 5 pages for 20 minutes oral talks, and 4 pages for poster contributions.

The submitted articles will be evaluated by a body of referees. In order to avoid accumulation of submissions and delay in the publication of the proceedings, participants are requested to send their contributions as soon as possible.

Instructions for preparation of the conference proceedings to be published by Astronomische Nachrichten - AN

1) Authors should use the current AN class file and LaTeX template as provided under the link https://wol-prod-cdn.literatumonline.com/pb-assets/assets/15213994/AN_LaTeX_template-1510016212000.zip

2) Authors should comply to the basic rules (see http://www.aip.de/en/astronomical-notes/instructions).

3) We recommend to use BiBTeX together with Wiley-ASNA.bst to ensure that the references are formatted in AN style.

4) The email address of the corresponding author should appear on the first page of each paper.

5) Authors should avoid using extra LaTeX packages or macros that may not be supported by AN.

6) The guest editors will take care of the referee process and subsequently submit to AN the whole collection of accepted papers.

7) Please submit your paper contribution (LaTeX archives and figures) by email to César A. Zen Vasconcellos (cesarzen@cesarzen.com), with a copy to stars2019smfns@gmail.com. Do not submit your paper to AN directly.

The LOC decided that the inclusion of "AUTHOR'S BIOGRAPHY (plus picture)" is not necessary, and will not be included in the proceedings.

In case of further technical questions, please contact Mr. Matthias Steffen (AN secretary, msteffen@aip.de).