HL/HE-LHC WG1 Meeting -- Electroweak physics (VBF/VBS, Dibosons, Wmass, Weinberg angle etc.)

31-3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31-3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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Alessandro Tricoli (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)), Dieter Zeppenfeld, Dieter Zeppenfeld (KIT, Karlsruhe), Paolo Nason (Universita & INFN, Milano-Bicocca (IT)), Patrizia Azzi (INFN Padova (IT)), Stephen Farry (University of Liverpool (GB))
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HE/HL-LHC WG1 Meeting
Alessandro Tricoli
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    • 13:30 13:45
      Introduction 15m
      Speaker: Stephen Farry (University of Liverpool (GB))
    • 13:45 14:00
      VBS - cross sections: theory 15m
      Speaker: Michael Rauch (Univ. Karlsruhe, KIT)
    • 14:00 14:15
      VBS - WV semileptonic (ATLAS) 15m
      Speaker: Robert Les (University of Toronto (CA))
    • 14:15 14:30
      VBS VV (ATLAS) 15m
    • 14:30 14:50
      VBS VV (CMS) 20m
      Speaker: Alexander Savin (University of Wisconsin Madison (US))
    • 14:50 15:05
      VBF Theory 15m
      Speaker: Dr Alexander Karlberg (Universitaet Zuerich (CH))
    • 15:05 15:35
      Di-boson production 30m
      • Higher order QCD+EW predictions for Diboson processes 10m
        Speakers: Marek Schoenherr (University of Durham), Marek Schoenherr (Technische Universitaet Dresden (DE)), Marek Schoenherr (CERN)
    • 15:35 15:55
      WW production and anomalous gauge couplings 20m
      Speakers: Ian Lewis (The University of Kansas), Sara Lynn Dawson (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))
    • 15:55 16:10
      Triboson production (ATLAS and CMS) 15m
      Speaker: Jay Lawhorn (California Institute of Technology (US))
    • 16:10 16:15
      Coffee Break
    • 16:15 16:35
      W mass 20m
      Speakers: Maarten Boonekamp (Université Paris-Saclay (FR)), Maarten Boonekamp (CEA/Saclay)
    • 16:35 16:55
      Precision EW Measurements 20m
      Speakers: Alessandro Vicini (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT)), Alessandro Vicini (University of Milano)
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