Light up 2018 workshop

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room (CERN)

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room


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The aim of the workshop is to bring together experimentalists from ALICE and the theory community, to discuss the latest results in the light-flavor sector and the open issues. The goal of the meeting is to establish the 10 most important open problems of light-flavor physics towards the LHC Run 3 and 4.
   Discussion will cover the following topics:
   1) Freeze-out(s) and hadronic phase 
   2) Recombination of strangeness and charm 
   3) Origin and understanding of strangeness enhancement
   4) Nuclei production and survival, hyper-triton puzzle


Vidyo connection is available. Please join either through the link at the bottom of this page or click on "Videoconference" on the left menu and then on "Join".

Organisers : Francesca Bellini, Alexander Kalweit (ALICE Collaboration)

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Alexander Philipp Kalweit
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  • Alexander Borissov
  • Alexander Philipp Kalweit
  • Alexeii Kurepin
  • Anders Knospe
  • Andrea Beraudo
  • Andrea Festanti
  • Andreas Morsch
  • Auro Prasad Mohanty
  • Barbara Trzeciak
  • Benjamin Donigus
  • Bong-Hwi Lim
  • Christian Bierlich
  • Claudia Ratti
  • Emanuele Quercigh
  • Francesca Bellini
  • Giacomo Volpe
  • Jan Steinheimer
  • Jihye Song
  • Johann Rafelski
  • Konrad Tywoniuk
  • Livio Bianchi
  • Manuel Colocci
  • Marek Gazdzicki
  • Maximiliano Puccio
  • Michael Andreas Winn
  • Mihai Petrovici
  • Mikael Mieskolainen
  • Peter Braun-Munzinger
  • Preeti Dhankher
  • Ramona Lea
  • Rene Bellwied
  • Sadia Marium
  • Sourav Kundu
  • Stanislaw Mrowczynski
  • Stefania Bufalino
  • Stefano Trogolo
  • Suh-Urk Chung Dr.
  • Svetlana Kushpil
  • Vit Kucera
  • Vitalii Okorokov
  • Volodymyr Vovchenko
  • Zafar Yasin