Jun 18 – 21, 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone


Students feel as Ambassadors for science!

  • I am not interested in science even though I am still keen to be an ambassador.
  • We did not know much about the SDGs until we started this project and they seem to link education with science in society. I am looking forward to being an ambassador for the SDGs when we go to the UN in November.
  • I plan to work with CERN and IPPOG to my full capabilities next to school and sports.
  • I am not interested in studying science but I am still keen to be an ambassador.

Small group of motivated students have kept working with IPPOG as ambassadors of science and did some efforts following the CASS project under the guidance of Barbora Bruant Gulejova. These have been notably efforts towards including CASS and extra-curriculum particle physics activities in the IB curriculum in the school (Leyla Humphreys). Further collaboration with ECOLINT students contributed to the IPPOG campaign “Girls, do physics!” (younger students Emma McCracken + Tessa Berkley and Maria Golovanova from CASS).

George Hollo did poster from panel feedback and is currently committed to work on advertising and promoting events and STEM subjects (posters, social media…) and facilitating a collaboration with popular YouTube channels to reach a wider audience.

Further collaboration with ECOLINT STEM center on extra-curriculum and also SDG oriented programs has been also established.