Jun 18 – 21, 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

Quotes from students

Positive impact of science on society and sustainable development (SDGs) 

  • This was a brilliant experience and makes me think about the links between science, society and business.
  • I realised how impactful science is and got more understanding on how it links to the SDGs
  • Interesting to link entrepreneurship and the SDGs with science, which I had not previously been aware of.
  • By linking ordinary life matters to crunchy science, I learned about its importance educationally.
  • Science impact upon individuals and society, I find this really interesting - learning how thinks work and discovering new ideas makes us as a global community more curious and interesting I think.
  • We did not know much about the SDGs until we started this project and they seem to link education with science in society. I am looking forward to being an ambassador for the SDGs when we go to the UN in November.
  • I found a more appreciative outlook on science.
  • C2B showed me the practicality of science
  • I feel that I understand the work and importance of CERN a lot better and can now see how general public does not understand its importance, as well as the importance of the general public comprehending this.
  • C2B changed my views regarding CERN and what it does.
  • Science plays a major role in society. Many people aren't aware that behind all the new innovations, there's science. For example, I wasn't aware of most of the inventions CERN has produced, which are currently essential for our every day lifes.
  • I learned how the particle accelerator works and what it is used for. I also learned how CERN is a leader of science in research as well as teaching young scientists through internships and also forming scientists.
  • We learned a lot about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals within both the teaching of science and how CERN contributes to the benefit of all humanity. I really like the mix between entrepreneurship and academic studies. CERN seemed to have this and it was amazing to see innovation in front of our eyes on the Monday. 

Inspiration for future studies 

  • Science is not only about what you study in school, there is a whole other side of it
  • C2B made me a lot more interested in science and made me realize what CERN really does.
  • C2B added understanding and perspective to my IB studies.
  • I learned that Physics can be extremely fascinating and relevant, and I now realized that I actually enjoy Physics, just not what is taught in our school curriculum (ie. Physics and molecular science, macroscience, etc)
  • The challenge was really tough but I enjoyed it and it will help my own studies in Science subjects at IB level.  

Key role of STEM education and the way physics is taught

  • I always found it dry and removed from real world, C2B brought parts of science alive for me - we were able to dive deeper into areas of focus and learn from experts in their respective fields.
  • I got insights into the practical aspects of particle physics, especially the session we had in the afternoon at the LAB.
  • The most important thing is to increase the knowledge in STEM subjects everywhere. The focus should be on younger students, because if they build up interest earlier in life, they'll enjoy it more later on, resulting in more people studying STEM. I think, that new projects/ fun activities for kids should definitely be part of that. I would also like to envision collaborations with other scientific programs, in order to reach as many students as possible around the world.
  • The aim of this challenge to make science interesting and accessible to younger students, especially in our Junior School, was good. I am not doing Higher Level Science subjects next year, but it made really think about how science is taught and about the value of CERN/IPPOG in education. 

Diversity (gender balance in science)

  • I learned that science can break down barriers of knowledge and diversity - great to see a woman like Barbora as a leader in scientific collaboration.
  • As a girl I have always liked and chosen science, now I know I can study it to a high level and make a difference to our world. 

About programme

  • The most demanding and most rewarding activity I have been involved in at school.
  • We agreed on creative ways to teach science using social media, apps and games which we researched. It was really interesting to learn so much in the Monday tour and actively have a hands on lab workshop in the afternoon. 
  • Just being on the bus was great...like going on a Science journey with no ticket. 

Team building and presentation skills

  • I liked the part about building a mentor community of Interactors when we are in Year 12 to continue this and am keep to be a part of any group that we create together.
  • I discovered that teamwork is underrated at times: everyone had to rill up their sleeves and do the heavy lifting. I also really loved visiting CERN as STEM is something I wish to pursue later in life.
  • I can now write speeches in less than 30 minutes. Realistically, I think this was humbling and rewarding and we were fully capable of sitting down and resolving the problem. Teamwork now has a new meaning to me.
  • In my case, the best parts were having the ability to be able to finish such a challenging task in only the expansion of three days and being able to present it at high standards.

 Closing speech of CEO of Group of Ambassadors for Science in Society, Cecilia Longoni

“We are proud to call ourselves the “Ambassadors for science.”

“We have come a long way. From not knowing the basic importance of STEM in our everyday life or particle physics and how it helps to progress our society and our culture to  now have a substantial understanding of what it means to have STEM education in our society’s  growth.”

“Hopefully, through our new strategy of social media, communication with schools and interactions with the public and other audiences, more people will be able to be involved in the knowledge and becoming ambassadors for science, an honor no longer restricted to few.”

“Finally, thankfully, we all together are ambassadors for science in society.”

“Doing this project for schools creates an inclusive partnership reaching people from all over the world and encouraging bright young minds to attempt, to believe, and to achieve! “

“Thank you all for this opportunity. We hope many more ambassadors for science will continue to grow in this fascinating knowledgeable community created by you continued by all…”

“Thank you, Barbora from IPPOG, who helped us to understand the importance of science.” 

“Big thanks to Mr Smith, Derek Browne and Royston Flude"


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