Jun 18 – 21, 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

Word from challenge-setter

One of our goals in IPPOG is to increase the understanding and support of particle physics and fundamental research in society, to inspire and motivate young generation… This event has proven, that working WITH young people who are our very important and dear audience, brings considerable value and insights to our work. The messages were enlightening, meaningful, useful and some even eye-opening.

The unique connection of different multidisciplinary stakeholders (ECOLINT, EiA, CERN, IPPOG and Rotary Geneva International) of the C2B event at CERN started new path for creating ambassadors for science in society and building bridges between science and society. This was a first pilot project where IPPOG worked with groups of students who are mostly not interested in physics / science. They represent unconverted audience and considerable part of the society to which we are aiming to reach out. We need to pursue this effort and continue the dialogue. It has potential to make a difference about understanding of the importance of science in our everyday lives on global scale. This first pilot edition of ‘Creating Ambassadors for Society’ project is the prototype of such an action.

I believe, that working with inspiring and motivating bright young people with fresh, pure, unbiased minds is the most rewarding and impactful way how to change the world for better. They are the future leaders of the society and have proven to be valid and credible partners for a dialogue.

Barbora Bruant Gulejova, IPPOG Strategic Development and Communications Lead



I am grateful to Ian Smith from ECOLINT, who has initiated this collaboration. Thanks to our shared vision and synergy in our activities, with help of EiA (Derek Browne) and the support of Rotary Youth Empowerment Initiative (thanks to Royston Flude), we successfully managed to make an impact.

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