Mar 17 – 21, 2019
Sunstar Hotel, Grindelwald, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone


Wednesday afternoon will be free, to enjoy beautiful Grindelwald and the mountains nearby, we are organising three different activities.  There is plenty of other things to do in the region, and we put below some suggestions.

Organised activities


Grindelwald is in the heart of the Jungfrau skiing region and the possibilities are limitless.
As we will only have an afternoon, we will go directly to the closest resort called Grindelwald FIRST. The gondolas are a 100 meters away from the conference venue.
It is a wonderful place to ski as you face Mount Eiger, which is the most famous mountain in the region.

The ticket for ski lifts is 50 CHF for 1/2 a day.
More info on the ski resort here.

If you are interested by skiing, please fill-up the following form.

For people needing some skiing gears (skis, snowboard, shoes, ski-jacket, ski-pants), there is a small rental shop inside the hotel. They however do not have gears for a lot of people, therefore we need to let them know in advance an approximate number of people so that they can get prepared. Here are the prices for rental:

Premium ski set for good skiers (ski + shoes + poles): 82 CHF
Economy ski set for beginners (ski + shoes + poles): 64 CHF
Ski-Jacket and pants: 21 CHF
Gloves: 6 CHF
Helmet: 9 CHF
More details for rental can be found here.


There is plenty of possibilities for sledging around Grindelwald. We will go to the top of the nearby ski resort called Grindelwald FIRST (gondola 100m from the conference venue) and from there, there is mainly two options. Either go down directly, or walking an hour on a flat-ish trail before starting a 10 km descent on a wonderful trail far from civilisation.

Note that there is a few restaurants along the walking pass, so you can take your time and rest.

We would like to know the number of people that are interested in doing sledge (both options), so that the ski shop inside the hotel can have enough sledges.

If you are interested by sledging, please fill-up the following form.

Price to go up to Grindelwald FIRST: 30 CHF
Price for a sledge: 13 CHF
Ski-Jacket and pants: 21 CHF
Gloves: 6 CHF

More info about the sledge tracks in the middle of the page here. The track needing hiking is number 50+51 starting from FIRST. The other possibility, without hiking is track 53+55 starting from FIRST. It is even possible to go down to Grindelwald with both options by following track 59  after Bort.

Sightseeing from the top

If you want to breath the fresh air of the mountain, and have a stunning view on Mount Eirger. A group will go up to Grindelwald FIRST, at 2200 meters (7200 feets). There is a nice restaurant up there with a terrasse facing Mount Eiger. From there, you can also walk nearby.

Price to go up to Grindelwald FIRST and down: 60 CHF

If you are interested by sightseeing, please fill-up the following form.

Other activities


From Grindelwald, it is possible to take the train and go up to the Jungfraujoch at 4300 meters (11300 feets). This is the highest place reachable by train in Europe. The train ride is spectacular and the view from up there is stunning. This is unfortunately a very touristic place and you have to pay the price (189.80 CHF), but it is an exceptional experience. If you are willing to go, I advise checking the weather before, as zou might be disappointed if it is fogy up there.

More info here.


Interlaken is a nice little Swiss town just between the lakes of Thun and Brienz. You will pass by Interlaken if you go up to Grindelwald by train. From there you can enjoy the lakes, have a wonderful view of the mountains and enjoy he nice part of the town. Just take the train from Grindelwald to Interlaken Ost. The ride will take you half an hour and cost 22 CHF back and forth. Trains run every 30 minutes.

More info on trains here.