28 September 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

Building 33 (Reception)

Activities in building 33

Ongoing activities from 17:00 to 23:00

Fun with Physics Show

Discover physics in an entertaining way with the show "Fun with Physics", and explore matter in all its states thanks to the effects of liquid nitrogen What happens if you dip a balloon into nitrogen at -196°C? How to telitate a magnet? Between demonstrations and explanations, discover the most surprising aspects of physics!

Place: Room 33/R-009. Show every hour.

Microcosm exhibition late opening

The 500m2 of Microcosm exhibition take visitors on a journey through CERN’s key installations. Discover the full scale and wonder of the laboratory's monumental experiments. Find out what is happening at the Large Hadron Collider and meet the people who build and operate this extraordinary machine. Follow the path of the particles from a bottle of Hydrogen, through the network of accelerators and on to collision inside vast experiments.

Languages: all content in English and French (audio visual content also in German, Italian and Spanish)

Particle Quiz

Are you more of a gluon, a photon or a Higgs boson? Answer to a few questions and find out which elementary particle best fits your personnality! Thanks to this quiz, you will learn a lot about particles and their properties!

Place: CERN Reception (VTC Desk). Languages: English, French, German

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