Machine Learning for Jet Physics

from Wednesday, November 14, 2018 (8:00 AM) to Friday, November 16, 2018 (6:00 PM)
Fermilab (One West (WH1W))

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Nov 14, 2018
Nov 15, 2018
Nov 16, 2018
8:30 AM Registration   (One West (WH1W))
9:00 AM
Introduction (Chairs: Sergei Gleyzer and Benjamin Nachman) (until 11:30 AM) (One West (WH1W))
9:00 AM Welcome Remarks - Dr Joseph Lykken (Deputy Director, Fermilab)   (One West (WH1W))
9:10 AM Logistics   (One West (WH1W))
9:15 AM Jets and ML in Theory (30'+15') - Jesse Thaler (MIT)   (One West (WH1W))
10:00 AM Jets and ML in ATLAS (30'+15') - Walter Hopkins (Argonne National Laboratory (US))   (One West (WH1W))
10:45 AM Jets and ML in CMS (30'+15') - Mauro Verzetti (CERN)   (One West (WH1W))
11:30 AM --- Lunch ---
8:30 AM --- Coffee ---
9:00 AM
Representing Jets (Chairs: Mauro Verzetti and David Shih) (until 11:30 AM) (One West (WH1W))
9:00 AM Introduction and overview (20’+10’) - David Shih (Rutgers University)   (One West (WH1W))
9:30 AM Energy Flow Networks: Deep Sets for Particle Jets (20’+5’) - Patrick Komiske (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (One West (WH1W))
10:00 AM Jet as a particle cloud (20’+5’) - Huilin Qu (Univ. of California Santa Barbara (US))   (One West (WH1W))
10:30 AM Spectral Analysis of Color Charge in Two-Prong Jets with Neural Networks (20’+5’) - Sung Hak Lim (KEK)   (One West (WH1W))
11:00 AM ML@QCD efforts in Sherpa: shower variations and phase-space sampling (20’+5’) - Enrico Bothmann (University of Edinburgh)   (One West (WH1W))
11:30 AM --- Lunch ---
9:00 AM History of Machine Learning for High Energy Physics (20'+10') - Pushpalatha Bhat (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   (One West (WH1W))
9:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:00 AM
Simulation Independent Methods (Chairs: Tommaso Dorigo and Bryan Ostdiek) (until 11:30 AM) (One West (WH1W))
10:00 AM Introduction and overview (20'+10') - Bryan Ostdiek (University of Oregon)   (One West (WH1W))
10:35 AM Disentangling Jet Categories at Colliders (20'+5') - Eric Metodiev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (One West (WH1W))
11:05 AM JUNIPR: a Framework for Unsupervised Machine Learning in Particle Physics (20'+5') - Anders Andreassen (UC Berkeley)   (One West (WH1W))
11:30 AM --- Lunch ---
12:30 PM
Jet Tagging (Chairs: Gregor Kasieczka and Matt Dolan) (until 4:00 PM) (One West (WH1W))
12:30 PM Introduction and overview (20'+10') - Gregor Kasieczka (Hamburg University (DE))   (One West (WH1W))
1:05 PM top and W tagging with ATLAS (20’+5’) - Samuel Ross Meehan (University of Washington (US))   (One West (WH1W))
1:35 PM top and W tagging with CMS (20’+5’) - Justin Pilot (University of California Davis (US))   (One West (WH1W))
2:00 PM --- Short Break ---
2:20 PM b-tagging in ATLAS (25’+5’) - Matthew Feickert (Southern Methodist University (US))   (One West (WH1W))
2:50 PM ML Techniques for heavy flavour identification in CMS (25'+5') - Emil Sorensen Bols (Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE))   (One West (WH1W))
3:20 PM Deep Learning Strange Jets (20’+5’) - Yuichiro Nakai (Rutgers University)   (One West (WH1W))
3:45 PM --- Pre-Colloquium Coffee Break ---
4:00 PM Fermilab Colloquium (Graph Networks and Physics Applications) - Risi Condor (University of Chicago)   (One West (WH1W))
1:00 PM
Representing Jets (Chairs: Mauro Verzetti and David Shih) (until 2:00 PM) (One West (WH1W))
1:00 PM Quarks vs. Gluons for Higgs->invisible searches (20'+5') - Jennifer Thompson (ITP Heidelberg)   (One West (WH1W))
1:30 PM Top tagging with Lorentz Boost Networks and simulation of electromagnetic showers with a Wasserstein GAN (20'+5') - Yannik Alexander Rath (RWTH Aachen University (DE))   (One West (WH1W))
2:00 PM
Experimental/Practical aspects of learning with jets (Chairs: Ben Hooberman and Daniel Elvira) (until 6:00 PM) (One West (WH1W))
2:00 PM Introduction and overview (20'+10')   (One West (WH1W))
2:30 PM Machine Learning for Jet Calibration in ATLAS (20'+5') - Aviv Ruben Cukierman (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (US))   (One West (WH1W))
3:00 PM End-to-end jet identification for quark/gluon discrimination using CMS Open Data (20'+5') - Michael Andrews (Carnegie-Mellon University (US))   (One West (WH1W))
3:30 PM --- Coffee break an group photo ---
4:15 PM Pulling Out All the Tops with Computer Vision and Deep Learning (20'+5') - Sebastian Macaluso   (One West (WH1W))
4:40 PM Fast inference of jet substructure classifiers with FPGAs (20'+5') - Zhenbin Wu (University of Illinois at Chicago (US))   (One West (WH1W))
5:05 PM Modern jet machine-learning classification in real time (20'+5') - Konstantin Gizdov (The University of Edinburgh (GB))   (One West (WH1W))
5:30 PM Heavy flavour identification for boosted resonances and large cone jets in CMS (20'+5') - Javier Mauricio Duarte (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   (One West (WH1W))
7:00 PM Dinner (Masala)   (One West (WH1W))
1:00 PM
Simulation Independent Methods (Chairs: Tommaso Dorigo and Bryan Ostdiek) (until 3:00 PM) (One West (WH1W))
1:00 PM CWoLa Hunting: Enhancing the Bump Hunt with Machine Learning (20'+5') - Jack Collins (University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University)   (One West (WH1W))
1:30 PM QCD or What: Deep autoencoder based searches for new physics (20'+5') - Gregor Kasieczka (Hamburg University (DE))   (One West (WH1W))
2:00 PM Searching for New Physics with Autoencoders (20'+5') - Marco Farina (Rutgers University)   (One West (WH1W))
2:30 PM Novelty Detection Meets Collider Physics (20'+5') - Tao Liu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HK))   (One West (WH1W))
3:00 PM Discussion and Closeout   (One West (WH1W))
3:30 PM Wine and Cheese Seminar (Deep Learning for HEP)   (One West (WH1W))