PHENIX results on J/psi from small systems

Jun 2, 2020, 11:20 AM

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Sanghoon Lim (University of Colorado Boulder)


Charmonium is considered a valuable probe to study the medium produced in
collisions involving nuclei and/or nucleons. With the recent observations of
collective behavior of produced particles in small system collisions,
measurements of the modification of charmonium in these systems  have become
increasingly relevant. In this talk we will present the PHENIX results of
J/ measurements at forward and backward rapidities (1.2<|y|<2.2) in p+Al,
p+Au and 3He+Au at = 200 GeV beam energy. These data complement previously
published d+Au data, and comprise the most extensive study of  J/ in small
systems including system size, centrality, transverse momentum and rapidity
dependencies. The observed modifications of J/ production depends strongly
on target size but is very similar for different projectiles. This
presentation will show the conclusion of this experimental effort and
discuss the implication on the current understanding  of charmonia
interaction with nuclear media.

Contribution type Contributed Talk
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Primary author

Gabor David (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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