Low p$_\mathrm{T}$ direct photon in small systems at PHENIX experiment

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Poster Electroweak Probes


Dr Veronica Canoa Roman (Stony Brook University)


PHENIX has observed in A+A collision systems a large yield of low p$_\mathrm{T}$  direct photon, as an indication of a hot strongly-coupled system being formed.
  In recent years, data from small systems have revealed evidence for collective behavior in small systems. In such a scenario, we expect that the matter formed in small system also radiates thermal photons.
  PHENIX is in an ideal position to search for thermal photon in small systems like p+Au, d+Au and He+Au. Recent results from most central p+Au collisions show a hint of excess of thermal photons over the p+p baseline.
  In this poster, I will present the status of thermal photon measurements in small systems.

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Track Electroweak Probes
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Dr Veronica Canoa Roman (Stony Brook University)

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