Towards a holographic description of cosmology (I): Phase diagram of 3d SU(N) matrix field theory

19 Jun 2019, 09:00
Shimao 3B

Shimao 3B

Parallel Physics Beyond the Standard Model Physics Beyond the Standard Model


Andreas Juettner


The holographic principle allows us to study the physics of the early universe in terms of three-dimensional boundary quantum field theories. For instance, the power spectrum of the CMB at high multipoles has in this way been post-dicted successfully in terms of calculations for 2pt functions of the energy-momentum tensor (EMT) in perturbation theory. The lower end of the power spectrum maps onto dynamics non-perturbative in nature and are therefore best predicted by lattice simulations.

Here we study massless SU(N) scalar matrix field theory on the lattice as a first candidate theory. We present a comprehensive study of its critical properties in terms of a finite-size-scaling study and its large-N scaling both numerically and analytically.

In a next step we compute 2pt functions of the EMT in this theory which will allow us to make first lattice-based predictions for the spectrum of the CMB at low multipoles. Results for the EMT 2pt function and its renormalisation are discussed in the talk by Joseph Lee.

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Andreas Juettner

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