Apr 15 – 18, 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone
There is a live webcast for this event.

Practical information


If you have been to CERN before, you probably already know where you want to stay.  If not, we would encourage you to consider the CERN hostel.  This is on-site, so you don't need to worry about transportation other than getting to CERN in the first place.  The CERN hostel is open to both CERN users and external parties.  More details are available here:


Getting to CERN

From the airport (GVA)

If you arrive at the airport, watch for the tpg (the Geneva transit company) ticket machines near the baggage pick-up.  These dispatch free tickets for people who have arrived on a flight, and are a good option.  If you don't get such a free ticket, you will have to pay 3.00 CHF to get a 60-minute "Tout Geneve" ticket to use the public transit.

Using public transit: you will need to take either the bus number 28 in the direction of "Les Esserts" or the bus number 57 in the direction of "Hopital de la Tour".  After only a few stops on either bus, get off at "Blandonnet".  From there, switch to the tram number 18, direction "CERN".  Further details and itineraries are available on the transit website here:


CERN shuttle: there are also CERN shuttles between the main site and the airport, but you need a CERN access card to use this service.  Details are available here:



From the train station (Gare Cornavin)

If you arrive at the train station, the best option is to take tram 18 from the station (named Gare Cornavin) directly to CERN.  The tram will say CERN on it, as it is the final stop on the line.


Getting to the venue within CERN

If you take public transit to CERN, you will be dropped off in front of building 33 (main reception).  From there, if you already have a CERN access card, you probably know what to do.

If you do not have a CERN access card:

  • If you arrive during working hours (08:00-18:00, Monday to Friday), you will need to go to building 33 (reception, see map below) and speak to the person at the "professional visits" counter.
  • If you arrive outside of working hours (weekends, before 08:00, after 18:00), you will need to go to the main entrance (see map below) and speak with the security guards.

In both cases, they will have your name badge and will give it to you if you show them proof of your identity (passport is recommended).  Please note that they will only have this access card if you have specified that you need this in your registration details and received confirmation that a badge will be made available for you.

The workshop will primarily take place in the Main Auditorium (500/1-001 = building 500, floor 1, room 001).  This can be found using the following CERN map tool:


The below is a map showing the primary locations and how to move around for the workshop.

Internet access

CERN has wifi throughout the site, primarily in the form of "CERN" and "eduroam" access points.  CERN access points are restricted to CERN users, while eduroam is available to anyone who has an account at a participating institution.  If you neither have a CERN account nor an eduroam-valid account, we can organize internet access for you.  However, you need to specify this in the registration form and register well in advance.

Note that there are a few places around CERN that also have a visitor network, but this has limited functionality (mostly just web-browsing), so we would encourage you to not rely upon this option.