3-7 December 2018
Wigner Research Center for Physics
Europe/Budapest timezone


Jets and QCD matter

3 Dec 2018, 14:00
Bldg 3, Council room (Wigner Research Center for Physics)

Bldg 3, Council room

Wigner Research Center for Physics

Konkoly Thege Miklós út 29-33. H-1121 Budapest Hungary

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Antonio Ortiz Velasquez (Universidad Nacional Autonoma (MX))
03/12/2018, 14:00
Mr Zhandong Sun (University of Debrecen)
03/12/2018, 14:40
Balazs Endre Szigeti (Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU))
03/12/2018, 14:55
Péter Pósfay (Wigner Research Centre for Physics)
03/12/2018, 15:10
Mr János Takátsy (Wigner RCP, Budapest, Hungary)
03/12/2018, 15:25
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