17-28 June 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

This two-week programme investigates the fruitful interplay between string theory, high energy particle physics, quantum gravity and geometry in the context of string compactifications.

Some of the topics to be discussed  include

  • Swampland and Quantum Gravity Conjectures 
  • Formal and Mathematical Aspects of string compactifications (such as F-theory, G2 compactifications, heterotic compactifications, and other corners of the string landscape, e.g. non-geometric compactifications)
  • String Model Building in particle physics and cosmology
  • Machine Learning Techniques to explore the String Landscape

The first week (17-21 June) is in the format of a smaller workshop, with ample space for discussions and interactions.

The second week of the programme (24-28 June) is devoted to the Annual String Phenomenology Conference.

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