April 29, 2019 to May 4, 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

Conference Venue and Accommodation


The "Ettore Majorana" Foundation and International Centre for Scientific Culture in Erice (Sicily, Italy) is named after an outstanding Italian physicist, born in Sicily in 1906.

The Centre is situated in the old pre-mediaeval city of Erice where four restored monasteries (one of which was the residence of the Viceroy of Sicily during the XIV and XV Centuries) provide an appropriate setting for high intellectual endeavour. These ancient buildings are now named after great scientists and strong supporters of the "Ettore Majorana" Centre.

The San Francesco Monastery (former Viceroys residence) is now the Eugene P. Wigner Institute with the "Enrico Fermi" Lecture Hall.

The San Domenico Monastery is now the Patrick M.S. Blackett Institute with the "Paul A.M. Dirac" Lecture Hall.

The San Rocco Monastery is now the Isidor I. Rabi Institute with the "Richard P. Feynman" Lecture Hall, the "Tower of Thought Piersantu Mattarella", the Directorate and the main Secretariat of the Centre.

The "Ciclope" is now the Victor F. Weisskopf Institute with the "John S. Bell" and "Richard H. Dalitz" Lecture Halls. 

There are living quarters in all the four Institutes for people attending the Courses of the Centre. 



Accommodation of participants will be organized by the "Ettore Majorana" Foundation and International Centre for Scientific Culture on the basis of the indications provided by the Organizing Committee and by participants in the Travel Form (necessary to arrange your transfer from and to the airport).

Special requests should be addressed to the conference secretariat at the email address: cristina.ferrari@cern.ch

Ceck-in: on their arrival participants (and accompanying persons) shall fill the registration form, receive their room keys, their folder and their conference badge. The reception desk is located at the EMFCSC main building (San Rocco). 

There is a “coffee room” in the I.I. Rabi Institute where coffee, tea, mineral water and snacks are available at any time. This “coffee room” is also used for breakfast. There is a “piano room” with a keg of complimentary Marsala wine. This “piano room” can also be used for working parties. The “piano room” will close at midnight. A computer room is available at the I.I. Rabi Institute. Wireless connections are available in most Centre public areas, sleeping rooms and lecture halls. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops.

Breakfast will be served in the "coffee room" in the I.I. Rabi Institute (in the back of the courtyard on the right-hand side) where a light breakfast of coffee, breakfast rolls (croissants, brioche, etc.), fruit, and yogurt will be available from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. 

Snacks: coffee, tea, milk, mineral water, fruit and sandwiches are available (free of charge) in the "coffee room" at the I.I. Rabi Institute at any time.

Lunch & Dinner: a selected list of recommended restaurants will be distributed to all the participants on their arrival. At these restaurants associated with EMFSCS meals are free – you just have to show your badge and sign a form provided by the restaurant. Accompanying members must sign too. At lunch and dinner, it is advisable for participants to distribute themselves in small groups in order to avoid too many people crowding into the same restaurant. Mineral water (large bottle) costs about 2 EURO and house wine (carafe) is about 4 EURO.

Badge. You are requested to have always your badge on, inside the EMFCSC as well as outside, especially at restaurants, during excursions, and social events.

Weather: As Erice is situated on top of a mountain at an altitude of 750 meters, it is much cooler than at sea level. Therefore, we would advise you to bring some warm clothing, and a windbreaker or anorak, even in the summer. The weather is rather unpredictable in Erice and the temperature can suddenly change. Erice streets are full of cobble stones, which can be very slippery especially when wet, so we suggest you bring soft-soled, flat, non-slip shoes (ladies, heels are at your own risk!).

Excursions: on Wednesday 1st May an excursion to Segesta Temple and Marsala salt pans   is planned in the afternoon. Transportation to and from this site will be provided by the Centre. More details about this event will be provided at a later date.

Social Dinner: on Friday 3rd May a social dinner will be organized in one of the Erice restaurant.