April 29, 2019 to May 4, 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Program

  • Preclinical research and development of new radiopharmaceuticals

    Topic 1: Lessons learned from recent targetted radiotherapy
    - Prof. HABERKORN, Uwe (University of Heidelberg, DE)
    - Prof. EZZIDDIN, Samer (Saarland University Hospital,Homburg, DE)

    Topic 2: Ovarian cancer (Part I):
    - Dr. WOLFER, Anita (CHUV, Lausanne, CH)
    - Dr. DESHAYES, Emmanuel (ICM, Montpellier, FR)

    Topic 3: Ovarian cancer (Part II):
    - Dr. BORGNA, Francesca (PSI, Villigen, CH)
    - Prof. CAVELIERS, Vicky (UZ Brussels, Brussels, BE)

  • Methods for production of novel radioisotopes theranostics

    • Prof. HADDAD, Ferid (Arronax, Nantes, FR)
    • Prof. SEVERIN, Gregory (MSU, Michigan, USA)
  • Radioisotope beams in hadron therapy

    • Dr. KITAGAWA, Atsushi (NIRS, Chiba, JP)
    • Prof. DURANTE, Marco (GSI, Darmstadt, DE)
  • Accelerator techniques for medical isotope production

    • Dr. VAN DE WALLE, Jarno (IBA, Brussels, BE)
    • Prof. RATZINGER, Ulrich (Goethe University, Frankfurt, DE)
  • Devices and Engineering for Radioisotope Handling

    • Dr. CUTLER, Cathy (BNL, New York, USA)
    • Mr. KERSHAW, Keith** (CERN, Geneva, EU)