19-21 June 2019
University of Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone
Open Science – its impact and potential as a driver for radical change

Seachange in Research: Collaboration next to Competition

Jun 19, 2019, 9:00 AM
Uni Mail (University of Geneva)

Uni Mail

University of Geneva

Uni Mail Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve 40 1205 Genève


Tiberius Ignat (Scientific Knowledge Services) Paul Ayris (UCL) Linda Andersson (TU Wien) Miro Pusnik (CTK Ljubljana) Charlie Rapple (Kudos)


We see now at least 3 international Open Science roadmaps (EC's Open Science Policy Platform, LERU, LIBER) and several national ambitions (France, UK). They complement each other and emphasise a common recommendation: to increase collaboration in research while maintaining a healthy competition in the system.
This workshop aims to identify:
1) what goals and principles that support "Collaboration next to Competition" in research can be embraced by research stakeholders
2) a list of proposed actions that can lead to real life implementations of Open Science principles.
The workshop will allow us to explore the need for a cultural change and to find ways that make easier to understand this seachange for the research community, at all levels.
Come and be prepared to actively participate in the workshop if you sign up!
The keyword is "Explore", therefore this workshop is encouraging visionary directions of travel. You will be invited to dare, be creative and if needed - to ignore realities that block explorations. We will push ourselves into uncharted territory in order to find new ideas or lost gems.
Building a culture of collaboration in research is a jolly provocation, but you’ll remember your days in Geneva when you engaged in such a journey. Let’s set the trend together!
The outputs from this workshop can be used by research groups, universities, support organisations (libraries, publishers) and funders. It will contribute to building a better perspective for those that are both convinced and not convinced about the benefits of Open Science.

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