Sep 4 – 17, 2019
St. Petersburg, Russia
Europe/Moscow timezone

Acceptance Conditions

Acceptance Conditions

When accepting a place at the European School of HEP ("the School”), all students are required to read and agree to comply with the following conditions governing their participation.


You must follow the rules of the hotel and conference centre, as well as instructions given by the organisers of the School. You are expected to show respect and consideration to your fellow participants and to the staff and other guests at the hotel. Furthermore, you are expected to behave with integrity and professionalism, and to be sensitive to issues of diversity, etc. For reference, CERN, like many other organisations, has developed a Code of Conduct.

Serious misconduct could result in suspension or cancellation of your participation, and your home institution being informed of the circumstances.

Scientific Programme & Attendance                       

As a participant you must follow the entire scientific programme (all lectures, all discussion sessions, group project work and the poster session).

The use of laptop computers, mobile phones and similar devices is not allowed during lectures and the discussion sessions.

The working language of the School will be English. You must therefore have attained a sufficient level of English prior to the School commencing, in order to follow effectively the lectures and be in a position to fully contribute.

You must be registered with a university or a research institute at the time of the School, and it is your responsibility to make sure that the university or institute agrees to your participation.


If, for any reason, you are unable to take up your place at the School, you must inform the School Administration immediately by email ( The choice of any replacement will be made by the School organization. The fees that have already been paid may not be refunded.

Food & Accommodation

You must attend the School alone. There is no capacity at the hotel for participants to be accompanied by family, partners, or friends.

Accommodation at the hotel will be in same-sex shared rooms (doubles).  The organisers will decide who shares with whom, generally mixing participants of different nationalities.       

Meals at the hotel will be based on a set menu served at fixed times. There is no “à la carte” dining option. We will try to accommodate reasonable dietary requirements. A Student Information Questionnaire, sent a few weeks before the School takes place, will ask participants if they have any special dietary requirements, e.g. vegetarian.

Any additional costs that you incur during the course of the School (including any private expenses incurred at the venue, private transport costs, private meals, etc.) are not included in the school fee and will need to be borne by you as the individual responsible for incurring them.

If you arrive before Wednesday 4 September or leave after Tuesday 17 September 2019, the School will not arrange any accommodation or cover any costs associated with an extended stay. Please note that the fee includes meals from dinner on Wednesday 4 September until breakfast on Tuesday 17 September inclusive.


As a participant, you are responsible for organising and paying for your travel to and from St. Petersburg, including air tickets and ground transportation; you are also responsible for the cost of obtaining insurance.


It is your responsibility to obtain any visa that may be required in order for you to travel to the venue in Russia and participate in the School.                                                  

Liability and Insurance Cover Statement

In accepting to participate in the 2019 European School of High-Energy Physics you will be asked to agree to the following conditions:

1.    I shall ensure I have health and accident cover that includes adequate protection (including emergency medical treatment and hospitalisation in case of illness or accident) for the country in which the School takes place;

2.    I shall respect applicable rules and instructions, written or verbal, made available by Organizer(s) and I shall conduct myself appropriately, including in my online activities;  

3.    The Organizer(s) is (are) not liable for any loss of, theft of, or damage to any of my personal property or to third-party property that I may use;

4.    If I choose to participate in leisure activities, I must be medically fit to do so and, save for negligence or misconduct on the part of the Organizer(s), I assume all related risks and liabilities; 

5.    My participation may be suspended or cancelled, without compensation, in case of a serious breach of these conditions;

6.    The Organizer(s) reserve(s) the right to cancel or postpone the School for reasons beyond its (their) control. It is my responsibility to consider insuring against any travel-related cancellation costs, where relevant.