Early Career Conference in Trapped Ions

6/2-024 - BE Auditorium Meyrin (CERN)

6/2-024 - BE Auditorium Meyrin


Esplanade des Particules 1 1211 Geneva 23 Switzerland
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April Cridland (University of Swansea), Muhammed Sameed (University of Manchester (GB)), Niels Madsen (Swansea University (GB))

The first 60 attendees coming from an institution in a COST member or cooperating member country can request reimbursement after the conference at rates of 45 EUR per night for accommodation and 40 EUR per day for meals.

This conference aims to give PhD students and early career researchers (within 5yrs of finishing a PhD) the opportunity to present their work to a supportive international audience. We expect this conference to be of interest to researchers in quantum information and technology, quantum optics, precision frequency measurements, atomic clocks, antimatter and quantum simulation. Attendees will have the chance to take part in fruitful discussions concerning important topics in physics research today, build networks with potential future colleagues/ collaborators and attend interactive sessions supporting the development of skills necessary for a career in research or industry. 


The organisers particularly encourage applications from a diverse community and additional support will be available to potential attendees who highlight a barrier to their attendance. Part-time PhD students and those who have taken a career break will not be subject to the 5yr post-PhD limit. Each application will be assessed individually.


Co-organised with COST from the COST Action (CA17113 - Trapped Ions: Progress in classical and quantum applications - TIPICQA)

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  • Adam Powell
  • Adam Robert Vernon
  • Adrien Poindron
  • Alberto Uribe
  • Alex Owens
  • Alexandra Tofful
  • Amy Hughes
  • André Kulosa
  • April Louise Cridland
  • Bianca Veglia
  • Billy Robertson
  • Bogdan Okhrimenko
  • Bruno Ximenez
  • Charles Baynham
  • Chiara Decaroli
  • Chris Whitty
  • Christian Zimmer
  • Christophe Valahu
  • Danielle Louise Hodgkinson
  • David Bretaud
  • Elia Perego
  • Elise Wursten
  • Elmer Grundeman
  • Emanuel David Oswald
  • Emilie Hindbo Clausen
  • Fabian Pokorny
  • Foni Raphael Lebrun-Gallagher
  • Hamzah Shokeir
  • Harris Rutbeck-Goldman
  • Hiroto Fujisaki
  • Hywel Turner Evans
  • Ivan Kosternoi
  • Jack Mccauley Jones
  • Jacopo Mosca Toba
  • Jake Lishman
  • James Anthony Harrington
  • Janko Nauta
  • Joanna Peszka
  • Joaquín Berrocal Sánchez
  • Jonathan Pinder
  • Joseph Goodwin
  • Joseph McKenna
  • Julian Schmidt
  • Laura Blackburn
  • Lilian Nowak
  • Marius Weber
  • Markus Wiesinger
  • Marylise Marchenay
  • Matthew Day
  • Matthias Germann
  • Matthias Joachim Borchert
  • Michal Hejduk
  • Mitchell Peaks
  • Muhammed Sameed
  • Nicolas Pulido Mateo
  • Peter Drmota
  • Peter Granum
  • Phil John
  • Roshani Silwal
  • Ryan Shaffer
  • Ryan Willetts
  • Samuel Hile
  • Samuel Niang
  • Semyon Rudyi
  • Shaobo Gao
  • Silke Auchter
  • Simon Lechner
  • Stefan Erlewein
  • Steven Jones
  • Tatiana Vovk
  • Tim Wolz
  • Vera Schäfer
  • Xavier Fernandez Gonzalvo