Weekly meeting on Xboxes

354-1-001 (CERN)



    • 10:00 10:30
      Xboxes report 30m
      Speakers: Dr Matteo Volpi, Ms Samantha Louise Pitman (CERN), Veronica Del Pozo Romano (CERN)


      Lines 1 & 2 running flat at 33MW @ 150ns.

      Lines 3 & 4 not running due to modulator problem.

      - Someone should do the analysis of the structures in the four lines (why are BDs happening, where are they located...). It was supposed to be Kai but maybe Alex can do them.

      - It would be nice to have the vacuum plotted on top of the power in the history plots.


      - Superstrucutre being installed after successful retunning.

      Previous Phase shifter: we dismounted the drive from the phase shifter and the piston was all burned. It seemed like the piston was not aligned and it was touching one of the sides of the insertion waveguide.

      - The piston moves in/out without using the drive (not supposed to do that(.

      - Mechanical redesign necessary, maybe considering a drive based on bellows and not magnets.

      - This phase shifter was previously tested in XBOX3 at 50Hz (in the meeting Veronica said 10Hz but it was wrong) and up to 40MW@50ns.