Call for the Contributions to the IWARA 2020 Proceedings

The IWARA 2020 Proceedings will be published by the Astronomische Nachrichten. For the authors guidelines’ please access: 


For elaboration of the bibliography of your contribution, basically you have to create a ".bib file". To run the contribution, after running the “.tex” file using the option "pdflatex", you have to run the “. bib” file, using the "bibtex" option. If it doesn’t work the first time, do not worry, just run again once and if necessary, twice, following the same ordering. At the end of this process you will create the final ".pdf.file" of your contribution. The option "AUTHOR'S BIOGRAPHY (plus picture)" is not necessary, and will not be included in the proceedings.

When submitting, we kindly ask the authors to send the complete package (to avoid delays in sending contributions to referees): main file, in latex format, as well as the bibliography in a .bib file in addition to all figures, either in .pdf or .eps format.

The expected page numbers of the contributions are the following: posters - 4 pages; Marcos Moshinsky award winners - 6 pages; 30’ live plenary lectures and parallel sessions - 6 pages; 60’ live plenary lectures - 8 pages; review contributions - 10 pages.

In case of further technical questions, please contact Cesar Zen ( or Matthias Steffen (AN secretary) ( Please remember, the deadline for the submission is November 6th, 2020.

Once the submission materials have been prepared in accordance with the Author Guidelines, manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the editors in charge of the peer review process of contributions to the proceedings of the IWARA 2020 Video Conference. Contributions from the parallel sessions should be submitted to Dr. Peter Hess ( Contributions to poster sessions must be submitted to Dr. Gabriella Piccinelli ( and Dr. Mariana Vargas Magaña ( 30’ and 60’ plenary and review contributions shall be submitted to Dr. César Zen ( and Dr. Magno Machado (