March 30, 2020 to April 6, 2020
UTC timezone


The launching of the PTMC coincided with the Covid-19 pandeminc. As a consequence the PTMC was adapted to accommodate virtual events based on zoom, including virtual visits to research and therapy institutes such as CERN, GSI, CNAO and others.

The PTMC schedule accommodates hybrid events during anyone of the dates included in the Schedule; so, interested institutes may decide to hold their sessions either in-person or online.

The following link provides an overview of a Typical Day Agenda.

An example of the common video-conference (March 2021) is here: Masterclass Event Example 

An example of training is here: Training Sessions

Below are the links to the PTMC Schedule and Registration.

PTMC Schedule and Registration 

2024 PTMC Schedule 

2022 PTMC Schedule

Click here to view a google map of all the participating countries for 2021.