March 30, 2020 to April 6, 2020
UTC timezone


Particle Therapy Masterclass Project


Introduction, Invitation

"Is Fundamental Physics Research living in an Ivory Tower (Elfenbeinturm)?"

We will show you the direct impact of fundamental research on medical therapy.

Our new Masterclass Project will let you participate in the actual operation technique on severe cancer as this is done at the German Cancer Research CentreDKFZ, Heidelberg. The technique is using x-rays, protons or carbon ions like a physical knife directed by software programs.A first idea can be given by the demo of a professional research software toolkit matRad showing the different steps for a treatment planning for cancer therapy.

If your school is interested in involving students to participate in Particle Therapy Masterclass, you can contact us at

We will inform you without assuming special knowledge and are looking forward to your participation.