5-7 May 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Videoconference Rooms and Virtual Environment

Main Zoom link

Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Links for the EuCAPT White Paper parallel sessions on Wednesday, May 5 starting at 17:15:


Navigating the videoconference space


All plenary meetings will take place in Zoom webinar format (top link on this page, valid for all three days). For the Wednesday White Paper parallel discussions, we will use ordinary Zoom rooms (see 10 links above). We ask you to use your full name when joining the meetings.

We encourage active participation during all sessions. To ask a question you either raise your hand (the convener will then prompt you to unmute yourself) or use the Q&A tool at the bottom of your Zoom window. The Zoom chat is mainly intended for organizational and technical issues, but can also be used for real time clarifications on scientific questions.


Asynchronous discussions will take place on the EuCAPT Mattermost platform, 


If you have not done so already, please join by following the instructions below. In particular, but not only, questions to lightning talk speakers may be posted on Mattermost. Using 'find channel' on the top left (or the '+' sign beside it) you can join any of the following channels:

- 2021 meeting – generalities (for last-minute organizational details)

- 2021 meeting – topic xxx (for any discussion related to the respective plenary session)

- White Paper – topic yyy (to join the ongoing effort on the EuCAPT White Paper)

Here topic xxx refers to the 6 main areas of the Symposium (Early Universe, Low-Energy Neutrinos, Dark Matter, CMB & Late Universe, GWs & Compact Objects, High-Energy Astroparticle Physics) and topic yyy to the 10 chapters of the White Paper.

Virtual gatherings (wonder.me):

For 'hallway chat' informal discussions we have set up a browser-based virtual environment at https://www.wonder.me/r?id=36844c25-848a-4c05-913f-18cf19b9d228. We recommend to use a Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser and to use your full name when naming your avatar. On the wonder.me platform, you can move your avatar through the virtual environment, interacting via voice & video calls with the other participants once you approach them. The wonder.me environment will be active at all times throughout the conference. It‘s new to most of us, just give it a try!


Instructions on how to join the EuCAPT Mattermost workspace: click on the following link


and log in using one of the following four methods:

1) You can use your CERN or Indico credentials to log in.
2) If that does not work, please click on "Sign in with a public service account" and log in using your Google / Facebook / Yahoo / ... account.
3) If that does not work either, please search for your institution in the field below "Sign in with your organization or institution account."
4) If that does not work either, please consider creating a new CERN lightweight account: https://account.cern.ch/account/Externals

Finally, please note that CERN servers have some trouble if you try to use method 2) in Chrome. In this case, please resort to a different browser, Firefox or Safari, for instance.