8th PIKIMO meeting (University of Cincinnati)

301 (Braunstein Hall)


Braunstein Hall

University of Cincinnati Department of Physics Cincinnati, OH 45221
    • 9:30 AM
    • 1
      New Directions in Axions and Dark Photons

      I will describe some recently proposed theoretical mechanisms which dramatically extend the viable parameter space for QCD axion dark matter. One of these mechanisms can be used to populate ultralight dark photons as dark matter. These explorations provide an extended target-space for experiments to hunt for axions and dark photons.

      Speaker: Prateek Agrawal
    • 2
      Inverse Compton Emission from Millisecond Pulsars on the Galactic Bulge
      Speaker: Deheng Song
    • 3
      Leak-in Dark Matter
      Speaker: Cristian Gaidau
    • 11:25 AM
    • 4
      Dark Matter Mass Bounds
      Speaker: Juri Smirnov
    • 5
      Dark Matter Direct Detection with Liquid Scintillators
      Speaker: Ben Lillard
    • 6
      New CTEQ Global Analysis with High Precision Data from the LHC
      Speaker: Keping Xie
    • 1:00 PM
    • 7
      Lattice insights for composite BSM physics

      A number of interesting models of new physics, including composite Higgs and composite dark matter scenarios, imagine new strongly-coupled gauge interactions that give rise to compositeness. The phenomenology of these models is typically studied using low-energy effective theories, but calculations in the underlying strongly-coupled theory can predict low-energy constants from a handful of fundamental parameters, as well as giving new insights beyond the effective description. I will review recent efforts using lattice gauge theory to study theories beyond QCD, with an eye towards BSM physics.

      Speaker: Ethan Neil
    • 8
      Elastic Neutrino-Electron Scattering in EFT
      Speaker: Oleksandr Tomalak
    • 9
      Strong New Limits on Light Dark Matter from Neutrino Experiments
      Speaker: Christopher Capiello
    • 10
      Non-standard Neutrino Interactions at COHERENT, DUNE, T2HK, and LHC
      Speaker: Hongkai Liu
    • 4:15 PM
    • 11
      Branching Fractions of the X(3872)
      Speaker: Liping He
    • 12
      Lorentz-violationg EFT and its Coupling with Gravity
      Speaker: Zonghao Li
    • 13
      A low-scale Flavon Model with a ZN Flavor Symmetry
      Speaker: Junichiro Kawamura
    • 5:45 PM