Quark Matter 2019 - the XXVIIIth International Conference on Ultra-relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions - will be held in Wuhan, China, during November 4-9, 2019. The conference will take place in the "Wanda Reign" hotel located in the center of Wuhan. Quark Matter 2019 will consist of five and a half days of conference, beginning the morning on Monday, November 4, and ending early afternoon on Saturday, November 9. The conference is preceded by a Student Day on Sunday, November 3, at the Science Hall on the campus of Central China Normal University (CCNU).

Quark Matter 2019 brings together physicists from around the world to discuss new developments in high energy heavy-ion physics. The focus is on the fundamental understanding of strongly-interacting matter at extreme conditions of high temperature and density, as formed in ultra-relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions. In these conditions, which also characterised the early Universe, matter appears as a Quark-Gluon Plasma, with quarks and gluons not confined within hadrons.

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Host institutions:  

  • Key Laboratory of Quark and Lepton Physics (MOE) and Institution of Particle Physics, Central China Normal University
  • Institute of Quantum Matter, South China Normal University