Social Events


18:30-20:00 Nov. 4th at Wanda Reign Hotel


18:30-20:30 Nov. 8th at Jinguiyuan Restaurant

Han Show

19:30 Nov. 6th. Wanda Theater (Red Lantern Theater)

We are planning to organize the participants to watch Han Show in the evening of Nov. 6th 2019. Hanxiu takes the essence of Han culture, Chuhan culture and Wuhan culture. It is a stage program created by Wanda Group in cooperation with Frank Degong Entertainment Group, a leading international stage art production company, which surpasses all the current world performing arts. "Hanxiu" is directed by the world's renowned master of stage art, Mr. Frank De Gong. As the director-in-chief of "Hanxiu". "Hanxiu" combines stage drama, acrobatics, water ballet, diving and other forms of performance, using water curtain, high-tech stage machinery and other equipment, and through the use of sound and optoelectronics, supplemented by tailor-made stage facilities with movable seats, forming a very dramatic scientific and technological presentation.

We have arranged special group tickets for ‘Han Show’. Each fully registration participant will have a seat at the show. The distribution of the seating area A or B is on the first come (registration) first serve base. The sponsored participant will offer seating area C or D.

Han Show Seat Region


The travel agency has arranged for multiple options for the QM2019 excursions in the afternoon of Thursday,November 7,2019,which include:

Line 1: Changchun Taoist Temple and Guiyuan Buddhist Temple. (14:00-17:30) 165 CNY/person

Line 2: Hubei Provincial Museum and East Lake Moshan Scenic Area. (14:00-17:30) 200 CNY/person

Line3: Yellow Crane Tower and Hubu Lane. (14:00-17:30) 220 CNY/person

Line4: Wuhan Garden Expo. (14:00-18:30) 190 CNY/person