Jun 7 – 13, 2020 Cancelled
Split, Croatia
Europe/Zagreb timezone

Terms & Conditions

It is a condition of acceptance into the CERN School of Computing ("the School") that all participants read and agree to comply with the following terms and conditions governing their participation in the School.


If your application for a place at the School is successful, you will need to pay a participation fee of EUR 550 to CERN on or before 5 April 2020 in order to secure your place.     

In the event that you fail to pay this fee on or before such date, CERN will assume that you no longer wish to participate in the School, and your place will be re-offered to another applicant.


The School is organized by CERN in collaboration with the University of Split (FESB), and is hosted at the Mediterranean Institute For Life Sciences (MEDILS). During your stay, you must obey the rules concerning access, safety, etc. set by FESB and MEDILS, as well as any supplementary instructions given by CERN as the organiser of the School.

In particular, as you will be participating in a CERN-organised event and therefore representing CERN by association, you are expected to read and, at all times during the School, apply the standards of conduct and core values (integrity, commitment, professionalism, creativity and diversity) set out in the CERN Code of Conduct.

Conduct that falls short of CERN’s expectations may result in the early termination of your participation in the School. CERN’s decision on all matters related to conduct is final and will be taken in conjunction with informing the home institution(s) of the participant(s) concerned.

Scientific Programme & Attendance                       

The School’s scientific programme, as available on the School’s web site, may cover multiple domains of study. As the cost of the School is subsidised by CERN, your full attendance and participation in all of the School’s classes is expected. It is not possible to register to follow less than 100% of the programme. Less than full attendance may result in the early termination of your participation in the School.

The working language of the School (including for all exercises) will be English. As a participant, you must therefore have attained a sufficient level of English prior to the School commencing in order to follow effectively the tuition and be in a position to fully contribute.


If, for any reason, you are unable to take up your place at the School, you must inform the School Administration immediately by email (Computing.School@cern.ch).

If you have already paid your participation fee, the School will give you a full refund so long as a suitable replacement participant can be found (NB: responsibility for identifying and inviting a potential replacement participant rests with the CERN, as the organiser of the School, and not with the individual participant).

Food & Accommodation

You must attend the School alone. There is no capacity at the venue for participants to be accompanied by family, partners, friends or pets (with the exception of medically required service animals).  

Accommodation at the venue will be in same-sex shared rooms (twins or triples) - room allocation is done by the school organisers, with the aim of bringing together participants with different backgrounds and profiles.       

Meals at the venues will be based on a set menu served at fixed times. There is no “à la carte” dining option. CERN, as the organiser of the School, will try as best as possible in all the circumstances to accommodate reasonable dietary requirements where such requirements are communicated to it with sufficient notice (and in any event no later than 4 weeks prior to the School commencing).

Any additional costs that you incur during the course of the School (including any private expenses incurred at the venue, private transport costs, private meals, etc.) are not included in the participation fee and will need to be borne by you as the individual responsible for incurring them.

Your participation in the School is at your own risk and responsibility. Neither CERN, nor FESB nor MEDILS, have any responsibility for participants outside the stated dates and times of the School (i.e. those who arrive before Sunday 7 June, or who depart after Saturday 13 June 2020). The School will neither arrange for further accommodation nor will it cover any cost associated with any extended stay at the venue.


As a participant, you are responsible for organising and paying for your travel to and from the School venue. Travel costs to and from the School are not included in the participation fee.   


It is your responsibility to obtain any visa that may be required in order for you to travel to the venue in Croatia and participate in the School. If you need a visa then that is a cost you will be required to pay. The organisers will not pay for individuals’ visa application costs, whether or not the application is successful, nor is this cost that has been factored in to the participation fee.

If you require a visa, please contact the organisers of the School without delay at Computing.School@cern.ch, so that a letter of invitation may be organised by MEDILS as the host institute in Croatia. Without such a letter, you may not be able to apply for a visa successfully.                                                                      

Liability and Insurance Cover Statement

You shall ensure that, for the duration of your time attending the School, you have adequate health and accident insurance cover in place that applies in the country in which the School is taking place (including emergency medical treatment and hospitalisation, as well as medical repatriation);

You shall respect all applicable rules and instructions, both written or verbal, issued by CERN, or by FESB or MEDILS (as applicable);

You shall conduct yourself appropriately at all times, including in your online activities at the School;

Knowledge, equipment and materials made available to you as a participant in the School are provided on an "as-is basis" without any warranties either expressed or implied. You shall use such knowledge, equipment and materials with reasonable care, under your sole responsibility and at your sole risk

Neither CERN, FESB nor MEDILS shall be liable for any loss, theft or damage of any of your personal property or to any third-party property that you may bring or use at the School;

If, during your time at the School, you choose to participate in any leisure activities, you must be medically fit enough to do so and, save for negligence or misconduct on the part of CERN, FESB or MEDILS you assume all related risks and liabilities;

Your participation in the School may be suspended or cancelled by CERN, without compensation, in case of a serious breach of these conditions;

CERN and FESB reserve the right to cancel or postpone the School for any reason which leads them to conclude that it is not advisable to run the School as planned. It is your responsibility to consider insuring against any travel-related cancellation costs arising therefrom, which, in any event, will not be borne by either CERN or FESB.