Scientific Programme

  • Parton Densities from DIS and hadron colliders to LHC


    Conveners: Sergey Alekhin, Joey Huston, Ringaile Placakyte, Dimitri Colferai

  • Small-x, diffraction and vector mesons in DIS and hadron colliders


    Conveners: Robert Cisielski, Krzystof Golec-Biernat, Krzystof Piotrkowski

  • QCD final states in DIS and hadron colliders


    Conveners: Daniel de Florian, Claudia Glasman, Stefan Tapprogge

  • Heavy Flavours in DIS and hadron colliders


    Conveners: Guennadi Borissov, Gennaro Corcella, Katerina Lipka

  • Electroweak and searches in DIS and hadron colliders


    Conveners: Stefano Moretti, Andrea Parenti, Paul Souder, Stefania de Curtis

  • Spin physics


    Conveners: Christine Aidala, Simonetta Liuti, Caroline Riedl

  • Future of DIS


    Conveners: Edward Kinney, Anna Stasto, Paul Laycock, Cyrille Marquet

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