Joint Session QCD final states and Diffraction

21 Apr 2010, 11:15
Convitto della Calza (Florence, Italy)

Convitto della Calza

Florence, Italy

Piazza della Calza 6, 50125 Firenze


Conveners: de Florian, Glasman, Tapprogge, Ciesielski, Piotrzkowski, Golec-Biernat

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Hubert Niewiadomski (Brunel University)
21/04/2010, 11:32
Krystyna Olkiewicz
21/04/2010, 11:49
Michal Deak (Conseil Europeen Recherche Nucl. (CERN)-Unknown-Unknown) , Michal Deak (CERN)
21/04/2010, 12:06
Sercan Sen (Physics and Astronomy Department-University of Iowa-Unknown)
21/04/2010, 12:40
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