27-29 May 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Please note that the workshop has been postponed to September 2-4 2020, subject to the improvement in the World-Wide situation with the COVID-19.

If these new dates get confirmed, registration will start June 2020


Feebly Interacting Particles (FIPs) are any new physics with coupling <<< 1.

With the establishment and maturation of the experimental programs searching for strongly-coupled physics at the LHC, there is an increasing interest in the broader particle and astrophysics community for feebly-interacting particles as a paradigm complementary to the strongly interacting sector at the TeV (or beyond) scale.

There are a multitude of initiatives that reflect the profound interest into this emerging field, including the LHC Long-Lived Particle Community workshops and white paper, the Physics Beyond Colliders initiative at CERN, recent studies for present and future neutrino experiments, and the recently published Briefing Book of the European Strategy update.

As a result, the time is ideal to hold a workshop fully dedicated to FIPs.

The main goal of the workshop will be to bring together experts from collider, beam dump, fixed target, astrophysics, axions/ALPs searches; current/future neutrino experiments; and dark matter direct and indirect detection communities to discuss progress in experimental searches and underlying theory models and to enhance the exchange and cross-fertilization across different fields.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Standard Model problems and FIPs from theoretical perspectives
  • Dark matter: what we know about it from a cosmological viewpoint, overview of models, status and prospects of collider, direct, and indirect detection experiments
  • Experimental techniques for searching for FIPs at accelerator-based experiments.
  • Very low-mass (< 100 eV) FIPs
  • Stellar, astrophysical, and cosmological constraints on FIPs
  • Heavy neutral leptons and their relationships to leptogenesis, astrophysics, cosmology, SM neutrino physics.
  • Light dark matter and corresponding mediators, including axions/ALPs: phenomenology, searches at accelerator-based experiments, helioscopes, haloscopes, relationship to astrophysics and cosmology.

Note that the date for FIPs 2020 has been chosen because the spring workshop of the LHC LLP Community will occur from 25 to 27 May 2020, also at CERN.  Thus, attendees will have the option to join both workshops, given their natural complementarity.

We look forward to welcoming you at CERN for FIPs 2020.

Organizing committee:

Martin Bauer
James Beacham
Albert De Roeck
Gian Francesco Giudice
Pilar Hernandez
Igor Irastorza
Joerg Jaeckel
Gordan Krnjaic
Gaia Lanfranchi
Jocelyn Monroe
Silvia Pascoli
Joshua Ruderman
Philip Schuster
Mikhail Shaposhnikov
Jessie Shelton

27.05. Main Auditorium 28.05 222-R-001 29.05 TH Auditorium